Bratislava to Prague Travel Day

We lucked out with free hotel breakfast again this morning. The European breakfast buffet is quite the spread! Crepes, waffles, omelets, muffins, smoked salmon, yogurt, cakes, cookies, fresh fruit, and on and on. So many options! We were also the family getting snickered at for wearing our hotel slippers to breakfast. But when you only brought one pair of shoes it’s nice to get a bit of variety.

After breakfast we packed up but left our suitcases at the hotel. We got an Uber to the zoo. Figured it would be a good way to spend a few hours before our 2 o’clock train to Prague.

This zoo was way more impressive then any of us expected.

How cute are those meerkats?! Also you have to get a kick out of signs in different countries.

We did see a guy peeing off the side of a trail later so I guess it’s a necessary sign. πŸ˜’ It was feeding time for the big cats, and they were so close to the glass. Very neat to watch!


They had a Dinosaur Park which was hilarious due to the tarps but also a big hit.


After the Dino Park we hiked up a trail through the woods following the signs for the white rhino. It was quite sketchy, with mud, rocks and leaves all over. An abandoned house off to one side. But sure enough we eventually came up to the backside of some enclosures.


These are supposed to be white rhinos.


The level of security at these places is definitely more lax than in the US. πŸ˜„ So you know us Americans have to push the boundary a bit.

The kids enjoyed the playgrounds before we left.

We went back to the hotel, grabbed our bags and made it to the train station with 40 minutes to spare this time. Much more relaxed! We grabbed some sandwiches and hot dogs for lunch and watched L chase the pigeons.

After our train arrived we got settled in for a 4 hour ride.

Enjoyed some show time and the views along the way.

Arrived in Prague just after 6pm and wonderfully our AirBnB rental offered a driver to pick us up. Such a nice detail not to have to arrange.

After two weeks in hotels it feels good to be in an apartment with a living room and kitchen again. This place is beautiful and located right in the heart of things.

We had a delicious Indian meal. Felt like the kids were a bit frowned upon just for their existence but it wasn’t the worst reception we’ve ever gotten. Ty took the kids back for bed and Papa and I explored the center a bit while trying to find some groceries.

After a small money snafu and wandering the streets a bit, we managed to locate a few small provisions and are now back relaxing in the apartment while the kids sleep. Excited to explore more of Prague tomorrow as I’ve never heard anything but amazing reviews of this place.

Vienna to Bratislava Travel Day

We had a relaxing morning since we knew we could buy tickets to Brastilava almost every hour. We decided not try try and rush breakfast and packing and take the 11:16am train.

We had a leisurely hotel breakfast. The kids went out into the patio and found worms. Which L then tried to feed an apple to. πŸ˜„ Back up to our rooms to finish packing and brush teeth. We lazed a bit and let the kids listen to Harry Potter before finally heading down to check out and get an Uber to the station. But what we didn’t realize was that we’d daudled a bit too much and now our train was leaving in about 20 minutes and we were still at the hotel! Thankfully though the Uber driver was quick, we hopped in and he zipped off. We got the train station with a plan, Ty would go buy the tickets and Papa, the kids, and I would find the platform with the luggage. We made it to the platform just as Ty arrived with the tickets and we had 2 minutes to spare. Guess we shouldn’t have taken things quite so lazily!

An hour riding through the country with various stops. It was relaxing and the kids enjoyed their Peppa Pig time. Also something to note about this train, when you use the toilet and flush all of a sudden you can see straight down to the tracks. 😬 Not so much for plumbing.


I cant stay the train station in Bratislava is my favorite. Smells a bit like garbage around there.


But once we made it to our hotel things perked up for sure.


There were two big draws for us to come to Bratislava, it was only an hour away fro Vienna and they had a hotel that was super cheap points! It cost us just a few hotel points to stay here. (Another big Ty skill is navigating hotel points) Above was a glimpse at our Suite and the kids and Papa have a super big room with two twin beds and a pullout couch. It’s huge! And they gave us free warm cookies upon our arrival. πŸ˜„

We dropped our stuff off and then Ty found us a place nearby for lunch. It was in the mall by the reviews said it had a kid play area next door to it. That’s all we needed to read! What we found was even better. It was a kid play area that they’d incorporated tables into it. For grownups and kids to both enjoy. Why don’t more places do this?! It made for such a relaxing meal. Yes, Ryder is on day three of wearing her drindl.