Boston Adventures & Travel to Anchorage Day

We had a lazy morning with breakfast at the hotel. Ty took the kids to the pool while I caught a nap. Needed one after my terrible night of sleep.

By the time I came down the boys we’re done but R had made some friends and stayed in the pool playing for a while longer.

After leaving the pool, we packed up and headed for the airport.

We went luxurious with our luggage on this trip. Everyone got their own suitcase. Largely in part because Ty was banking on getting some extra mileage from Alaska’s 20 minutes guarantee. This paid off for us on our return flight actually and we got 10,000 bonus miles!

The flights home were uneventful but beautiful. I was lucky enough to get upgraded Boston to Portland. Yay for solo flying time!

Portland has a great kids area. We burned a bit of energy there before grabbing our flight home.

Tired kiddos waiting on our luggage. That’s a 10,000 mile wait right there! 😉

This was a ridiculously short but fun trip!

Boston Adventures – Day 1

The kids amazingly slept in till 9! We had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before we called Uber and headed to the Museum of Science. Ty researched things to do in Boston before our trip and since we’ve done most of the tourist activities this sounded perfect for us. There was so much to see here we only glimpsed a portion of it and we were there from about 11 till it closed at 6.

We watched an Imax movie about China, a constellation movie hosted by Big Bird and Elmo, a juggling show about nanos and molecules, and a lightening/electricity show. In addition to the shows we checked out a hands on science lab, kids play areas, dinosaur displays, and so many others!

We left and walked down the street to an Indian restaurant we found. It was pretty good! Then we Ubered back to the hotel.

R was pretty quick to fall asleep. On the floor in front our room door. 🙄 Linc didn’t fall asleep till about 9. I was trapped in our room trying to watch the Olympics with the sound off, while he was trying to fall asleep. Hotel life is glamorous!

Of course the time change then got me and I couldn’t fall asleep till 2am. Who said a weekend one the East Coast would be easy?!

Traveling to Boston

So here’s where I fully admit, this trip is ridiculous. We scheduled a trip from Anchorage to Boston and back for the weekend. Leaving Thursday night and arriving back, very early Monday morning. But we like to explore big cities, our kids are very good travelers, and Ty found a good deal.

So we left on the red eye from Anchorage at 11:50pm to Seattle. Arrived at 4am which is a bit of a hard time to land since the lounges don’t open till 5. But we went to the kid play area. Just outside the food court, between the Central Terminal and the A gates. If you don’t know about it, it’s easy to overlook. It’s a wonderful place for kiddos to get some energy out!

We let the kids play there for an hour then we loaded back up and went to the Alaska lounge in the N gate. We got some pancakes, bagels, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and my favorite part is the Starbucks automated coffee machines. The kids get steamers and this is usually when I splurge on a coffee.

The flight from Seattle to Boston left about 6am.

Another wonderfully uneventful flight.

We arrived about 4pm and got the shuttle to our hotel. We had grand plans to go to the Kids museum. But decided a more realistic approach was the playground across the street and then a walk to dinner.

We walked through some iffy neighborhood till we found a hole in the wall Mexican joint. They advertised pupusas so we were sold!

So good! Followed by a freezing cold walk back to the hotel and strict to sleep for our kids. I think this was about 6:30. But the limited sleep on the plane was catching up with everyone.

I had to stay up for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I think Ty was asleep by 8:30 but I battled through till the end of the Parade of Nations by 10. 😆

A very low key first day but we honestly don’t have big ambitions for this weekend. We’ve done the historic walk through town before and seen most of the highlights.