Kailua, HI: Adventure Day

As with kids on vacation we slept terribly. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Linc woke us up at 4am with a coughing spell. Then again for the day about 7am. We tried to keep them as quiet as possible in the room. But is it just our kids or does their volume suddenly just increase?!

We walked to the grocery store and got breakfast. Enjoyed some Jamba Juice!

Then we put Ty to work assembling the bikes while the kids and I played in the lagoon and the pool. 😁

At least he had a good view!

He finished around lunchtime. So we dropped the bikes off in storage and took the boxes up to the room to put our suitcases in them. Then Ty got to relax at the pool. That was all on our agenda for the rest of the day!

When in Hawaii, you have to enjoy the shave ice right?!

By the end of the afternoon L was coughing a lot. So we went upstairs to shower and get packed up. By the time we were ready he just about fell asleep on the bed. We managed to drag him across the street to dinner.

He ate about half before he was wiped out. By this point I was getting pretty concerned we would end up in the Hawaiian ER again due to his asthma.

Coughing break on our way back to the room. The inhaler we had brought, along with the kids cough meds weren’t helping him at all. Thankfully I remembered I had brought a single dose steroid. This is exactly what they would give him if we went to the ER. So I gave him that and he quickly fell asleep.

Meanwhile Ty and R finished their dinner and had a photo shoot on the way back. 😍

We went to bed hopeful for some more sleep and a healthier L in the morning.

Anchorage, AK to Kona, HI: Travel Day

So Ty’s quite the cyclist. He’s ridden across the US, Florida, and recently did a ride with a buddy from Croatia to Greece. So he decided it was time to drag his family along with him. πŸ˜‰

We knew we wanted to spend Spring Break somewhere, he found a good airfare to Kona and started researching if we could actually ride our bikes around the island. Thanks to Alaska Airlines great baggage rules we figured out how to make this happen! One kiddo will be riding a trail-a-bike behind me. The other kiddo can take a break in the Chariot behind Ty. Everyone seems excited for this adventure, and let’s hope it goes well, Ty already has another ride planned for us across Europe this spring! πŸ€ͺ

So we left the Monday of Spring Break, in the afternoon. It was such a nice time to leave. No red eye flight. Not waking the kids up or keeping them up late. But we did have to arrange my mom to drive Ty’s truck to the airport so we could get two bike boxes, a chariot stroller, and four small carry one suitcases in one vehicle. It sounds like a lot but we will manage to carry all our stuff with us in 4 paneers on our bikes. We will leave he suitcases and bike boxes at our hotel and get them when we come back around the island.

Testing out the chariot capabilities at the airport. Felt funny to travel with a stroller again. R basically squeezes herself into it. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Also should note that of course, L went to bed Sunday night and suddenly developed a cough. πŸ™„ It didn’t seem too bad, just this annoying dry cough that nothing seemed to help.

The flight was fine, 6.5 hours of uneventful flying. Always what we hope for!

Landed at 9ish. Got our bags, and Ty scored free mileage for the baggage delay, like he always does! I was so glad we had arranged a van to meet us at the airport. It made traveling with giant bike boxes a breeze. Dropped off at our hotel and threw everyone into bed.

Tomorrow Ty works on putting all the bike pieces back together again. While the kids and I enjoy the beach and the pool. Life is good!

Alaska to Hawaii for the Weekend – Our Last Day

We woke up early like usual. Had a bit of bagels and fruit in our room. Packed up a bit and headed to the beach to meet our Colorado friends. They had brought an inflatable SUP board along with full face snorkel masks.

The SUP and the full face snorkel were awesome! I’m not a super comfortable swimmer but that snorkel makes all the difference. Ty took all the kids out on the SUP board so they could check out the reef. I was able to take the SUP out and A sea turtle popped up next to me! So Ashley took the kids out two at a time on the SUP board. They all got to see the turtle this way.

Ty went to check us out 11, while we stayed at the beach. The hotel would store our luggage for us and then offered us a room at 6pm for us to use and shower in for one hour. Such a nice offer!

We also had signed up for a free lei making class. The kids actually loved it! They were so sweet making them for each other.

We needed some lunch at this point so we introduced our friends to the yummy hole in the wall, we’d found last time, Burger & Sushi. The name says it all! πŸ˜‰

The family was staying just around the corner so we took our food to go and ate it at their incredible pool area! Then more swimming, of course!

We stayed here playing and hanging out till it was time to get ready for our flight. We got to the hotel and picked up our luggage. Went to our temporary room and that’s when I noticed L didn’t have any clothes. They had been left behind in the previous hotel room. 😬 A few frantic phone calls to lost and found, and five minutes later they delivered his clothes. Thank goodness, since he really only had his swim suit. We all got showered and cleaned up. Then took a taxi to the airport.

At some point L fell asleep in the carrier. So I carried him through security and while I ate a quick dinner. He woke up for a bit waiting for the flight but once we got onboard both kids zonked out. It was a nice uneventful flight. We got home about 7am. Ty went right to work by we let R sleep for an hour or two before taking her to school.

It was a whirlwind weekend but we made some new friends and had a wonderful time!

Waikiki, Hawaii Spring Break β€˜18 Part 1

We decided to start R’s spring break a day early. I grabbed her out of school about ten minutes early on Wednesday and we zipped right to the airport. A direct flight from Anchorage to Honolulu, with a tailwind that shaved an hour off our flight time! Ty and R got upgraded which was lovely for me. I bought the kids the snack pack then the flight attendants were kind enough to deliver R’s first class meal back to where I was seated. So yummy!

We arrived about 9pm and L immediately passed out at the luggage carousels. He slept through the cab ride to the hotel, the check in, and the transfer to the bed!

My mom met us there and we spent the next few cloudy days freezing at the pool. Not ideal weather…

Unfortunately L also picked up R’s cold so one very early morning was spent at the ER for an asthma attack. We learn something new to try every time we have to do this. However, I’m hoping we won’t need to do this again!! He was definitely a bit slower on this trip for the next day and a half.

– I was able to get a few morning runs in and we just tried to get out as much as possible. Sunday we went to the Honolulu Zoo. It was a great cloudy day distraction.

We left Honolulu at 9:30pm Sunday and are headed for Baltimore for the rest of our spring break! Gotta get those miles and see some old friends πŸ˜†