Strasbourg, France to Karlsruhe, Germany: Cycling Day 7

Same as it ever was, we got up, had some breakfast, and loaded up our bikes. ☺️ R’s cough was sounding particularly bad this morning, so she took the first shift in the chariot.

We rode out of Strasbourg and into the countryside. It was a pretty uneventful but long day on the bikes. Over 50 some miles of riding.

See all the white stuff on the trail. The cotton trees are shedding. It’s a mess when it gets in your eyes and sticks to a sweaty face.

We did have our first and hopefully last tip over today. R took the tumble like a champ! The issue was a small side trail to that went around a barrier. It was too narrow for the chariot.

Then Ty got a bit too bold on this one. But thankfully it was just his bike that tumbled this time. I think Ty forgot how much weight he was pulling. πŸ˜„

Beautiful flat trails today.

Crossing from France into Germany.

Immediately stopping at the strawberry stand because they’re so yummy here!

Lunch today was Chinese food, and I hit up the dollar store (I think). I bought R a new shirt and some shorts. I had messed up and only packed her one t shirt. But hey we’ve made it work for over a week now!

Back on the road. L managed to take a nap this afternoon. I have no idea how kids sleep like this!

Dinner was the food court of the nearby mall. Followed by grocery shopping for breakfast and gelato, of course! It looked too good to pass up.

The kids are in bed but no one is sleeping. πŸ™„ Ty and I are wiped after today though and we get to do it again tomorrow. So we’re happy to go to bed early.

Strasbourg, France: Adventure Day

This was our first apartment with actual curtains. So I was hoping we’d sleep in a bit. But up at our usual 6:30am πŸ™„

We lazed around a bit then headed out the door about 8ish. Our plan was to walk around and enjoy the city before attending mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg.

The walk along the canal was incredible. We saw baby ducklings and a baby swan.

We were walking up to the church and the bells started to chime. The church is already to breathtaking. This just made it seem magical.

There’s so much history here it was a wonderful experience to enjoy mass in French. Even if we understood none of it! The kids and Ty did pretty well with that. R even got selected to help bring up the donations. She was so excited and nervous!

We weren’t allowed to take any photos inside. Also we had planned on climbing the spire but learned it’s closed for the next six months. Bummer when stuff like that happens.

After mass it was so crowded around the church. It is the big thing to see in Strasbourg. The kids did enjoy this bubble guy though.

We walked around some more just enjoying the beauty of this town.

We may have also found a few playgrounds to check out.

More beautiful town!

We had an amazing indian lunch. Then back to the apartment for some relaxing time. We Uber’d to Jardin Orangerie and checked out their free zoo and playground.

Gelato prior to dinner!

Just some waiting for dinner portraits.

Everyone was tuckered out but it was a beautiful evening and walk home from dinner.

Looking forward to getting back on the bikes tomorrow.

Rust, Germany to Strasbourg, France: Cycling Day 6

Such a lazy day for us today! Only have to ride 25 miles πŸ˜† Our apartment check out wasn’t until 10am so we had a slow morning, reading books, playing games, and puzzles. We grabbed some bakery goodies and stopped at a local playground to kill another hour in the glorious sunshine.

R did her own hair today. Can you tell?! 😳

We headed out of Rust about 11 and soon after had trail issues. The signs weren’t great and we ended up crossing this rickety bridge to ride on this super rocky trail.

No photo evidence of the trail. We needed two hands to steer the bikes and not lose control. We did some more riding on the road after we crossed into France. Not our favorite but it shaved some time off the ride.

See not everything is beautiful fields and villages. πŸ˜‰

But after a bit we did get back on track. Also back to a beautiful trail!

These trees along the canal were incredible!

We started getting nearer to Strasbourg.

Bikers everywhere in this city!

We got to our apartment. Dropped our stuff off and went to walk around the neighborhood. We found an amazing church, a playground, and a grocery store. Like always!

There was a wedding just getting started at the church and they were ringing the bells. It was beautiful.

Found this at the grocery store and it made me chuckle.

We had tried to get an early dinner out but everything was closed! It was 4:30/5 and nothing was open or they were just starting to open. It’s a very European issue.

We ended up back at the apartment and then went out for dinner after 6. The best option we found was an Irish pub.

Sitting outside to help cut the cigarette smoke. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I also made the kids promise to eat at least one vegetable tomorrow.

Tomorrow we get to fully explore Strasbourg!