Travel Days: Frankfurt, Germany to Seattle, WA to Anchorage, AK

We woke up in Germany after a decent nights sleep. Ryder and I walked to a bakery next door and got some yummy muffins and a pastry (plus coffee for me!) to get us through airport check in and security without any hungry meltdowns. Food is a giant factor when traveling. We brought 4 gallon size bags of snacks with us on this trip due to recent hangry meltdowns on past travels. I will say we ate just about all of it, except for the one snack that wasn’t a hit.

A quick Uber ride to the airport. The check in process was easy, the kids snuggled the cutest dog while we were checking in. This nice man was traveling with a dog and a cat, Ryder and Lincoln both said that would be adult Ryder. Never without her emotional support animals.

Through security and to the lounge. No one spilled anything on themselves this time. Love this lounge, lots of good filling food options, delicious German pretzels, snacks for the kids, and tasty adult beverage options. We spent a few hours here, just relaxing, catching up on blogging and photos.

When we left to go to the gate Lincoln brought himself a ‘licorice’ whip, and Ryder brought a banana. These soon became key features in a photo shoot we had while waiting on our delayed flight.

So there was a delay to bring the buses to drive us to our flight. Then it was a mad rush of everyone at the gates wanting to get on the buses immediately. We knew our seats weren’t going anywhere so we decided to wait for the last bus. Well it was great, there was about 6 of us on this huge expanded bus. The kids were dancing and just having fun. Way better decision that squeezing into a packed bus. Also because when we got to the plane we realized they still had everyone on the previous buses just waiting, they hadn’t opened the plane yet. There were a few police standing outside our plane as well. Just didn’t seem typical.

Eventually we get released to get on the plane and got into our seats just fine. We decided the kids would sit together in the middle seats and Ty and I each had an individual seat on the windows. It was really delightful to have some solo time. But again there was a delay. The pilot announced that we had a plane maintenance and they’d had to change a tire and a few other items but I’m not sure why it took almost 2 hours after our expected flight time to leave. Thank goodness we didn’t have a flight to catch that evening like we were supposed to! There were definitely people on the plane freaking out over their connections.

It was another 10+ hour flight. The food was pretty good and the service was great. They were really understanding about our kids and what they would/wouldn’t eat of the food. The ability to lie down while flying is really the key to enjoying these long flights and not just surviving them. The kids fell asleep for at least 7 hours. We had to wake them up when it was time for landing!

We landed in Seattle about 5pm, got our suitcases and went through customs just fine. Then it was time to walk through the parking garage to our hotel shuttle. Dang it was cold in Seattle! As soon as we found out we were staying in Seattle the kids were begging for Chickfila. So we got to the hotel and Doordashed the most expensive Chickfila order we ever have. It was totally worth it! Ty and I were exhausted by this point but the kids were pretty awake since they slept most of the flight. Agh- we watched Storks on the TV and Lincoln kept waking me up. We turned the lights off about 9pm and Lincoln was wide awake! Ty thinks he went to sleep for a bit but I’m not sure he ever did. Ty and I were awake again at 11:30pm. I think I had Lincoln turn off his Kindle about 2am and then we were able to fall back asleep again.

We caught the hotel shuttle at 7:30 back to the airport. Ugh feels like we’ve just been flying for days… cause we have. We got our favorite food from Bambuza, and then parked ourselves in the Alaska lounge for several hours. Many shirley temples with extra cherries for Lincoln and we were ready to get on our flight to Anchorage.

This one was also delayed leaving. They were over weight and had to remove someone from a jump seat. This seemed to take quite a while and almost an hour late we finally took off for home. One very long 4 hour flight later we made it home. I’m so over looking at screens at this point!

It was an extreme amount of travel and long flights to get to Mauritius but business class definitely made it do-able. Just thankful we will be staying home for 4 weeks before our next trip. 😉

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