Adventure Day 6: Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius

Our final full day in Mauritius, cue the sad faces. However, since Lincoln was so stoked about trying out the scuba diving in the pool Ty signed him up for the kids scuba program this morning. The boys raced off to breakfast so they could be all done right at 10am when the waterskiing boat arrives.

Mohawk bird!

They both wanted a few more attempts before scuba. Lincoln attempted to waterski with one ski. It was a lot harder he said. Then they were off for the scuba class.

Ryder and I changed and got ourselves to our usual pool seats. We were able to watch Lincoln initially in the pool but then they were taking him out on a boat to start diving in the ocean for greater depth. Ty was able to tag along and take some great go-pro footage. Lincoln loved it and had a great time. Said equalizing his ears was no problem. Ty thing they went down about 30 feet! I’m so dang impressed with how it was no big deal for Lincoln.

Way down there!

Ryder had me do some henna tattoos on her back since the kids club employees just gave us the tube. Then we all just relaxed by the pool, read our books, and played in the pool. It was a wonderful low key way to end the day.

Ty of course can’t sit still that long, so he did some more waterskiing and then we ordered lunch by the pool. I spent some time printing out the kids assignments, since they’re missing this week at school. Then Ty and I started the job of packing up all our stuff. We are driving down South Island to a hotel right near the airport since our flight is early in the morning. Saves us the hassle and stress of the drive before our flight.

We made a stop at a mall to get a few more pharmacy items for family. The stuff we’re getting usually costs them $200 and we bought several for $4 a piece! We got some yummy Indian food at the food court, and even had another food joint give us some ‘authentic Mauritian biryani chicken’ since he saw we weren’t from around here. Ryder has been dying to try bubble tea and we finally found her a place to do it. She loved it, and Lincoln said his was pretty good.

Then it was back into the car for a 45 minute drive down to the hotel. We checked in at dusk, and the birds and bats were going wild. It’s been neat to have a nightly bat show. Ty and I enjoyed a free drink at the bar before showering the kids and tucking them in bed. Early wake up tomorrow at 6 to get ready for our flight.

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