Adventure Day 4: Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius

It’s Sunday, January 7th and we have nothing big planned today. The big news of the morning from early riser Ty, is that the sea is so calm and Lincoln should be able to water ski! Lincoln barely makes it through breakfast, eating his usually 3 bites and declaring himself full. At 10am when the boat house opens he races out to check with them and get a small life jacket. It’s a go he says, as he raced back to the rest of us at breakfast, and grabs Ty to join him at the dock.

About 15 minutes later (‘island time’ again) the boat finally shows up. So Ryder and I head down to the beach to observe the activity. It takes Lincoln 1 try and he’s up! He did it finally! We’ve tried a few years ago at our lake in Alaska but he’s older now and he was so determined. He falls around the first turn and gets a ride back to the dock but he did it! Doesn’t take much to convince him to go again, and Ty gets out there too. We meet a lovely family from South Africa who are also enjoying the water skiing, and before we leave we talk with an older man from Budapest, Hungry. It’s so fun to travel internationally and see how big the world really is!

Housekeeping is cleaning our room so it takes a while before Ryder and I can change into swimsuits. But by this point I’m dying to get into the water and ready to give ocean waterskiing a try. I must be feeling better today. It’s finally my turn and I drop into my seat two times before the driver reminds me not to try and pull myself up, and let the boat do the work. The third time I listen and I’m up. It’s very different from being on a lake but I’m so glad I gave it a go.

After waterskiing we play in the pool for a bit with Ryder. We order lunch, and then the kids go tuck themselves out of the sun in the hotel room. Ty and I take a paddle boat out in the ocean just in front of the hotel and snorkel around for a bit. Not a ton to see, again it’s quite brown. However, when you take the time to appreciate it, you’ll see the occasional starfish, sea cucumber, two giant hermit crabs, and lots of very large sea urchin. It’s a beautiful way to take in the sea. We paddle around for a while back an forth in front of the hotel before heading back in at 4pm when they close down all water sports.

Ty went back to the pool and I knew I needed to spend some time catching up on the blog. Being sick these last few days I neglected my writing. The kids are still tucked away from the sun in the room, and we have another quiet evening ahead of us.

We finally motivate for dinner and decide to give the Indian restaurant at the hotel a try. The food is good and few rounds of cards and some hide the cookie under one of three cups aka ‘Monty’ is played by the kids. After dinner we drop them off at kids club for crab hunting on the beach and of course another henna tattoo for Ryder.

We pick the kids up about 9pm and get them to bed since tomorrow we have to be up early for our next adventure. They get to be Zookeepers for the day!

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