Adventure Day 3: Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius

Saturday, January 7th, we decided it was time to leave the hotel! One of the things to see on this island is the different colored earths, combine this with Ryder being such a horse nut, we figured we’d put the two together. With a brief stop at Casela Nature Park to arrange something for Monday, we were on our way to Chamarel https://www.chamarel7colouredearth.com this is where you can see the 7 colored earth of Mauritius. But for Ryder the big highlight was going to be a horseback riding adventure. It was quite the drive since we’re at the northern end of the island and it’s at the southwestern coast. It’s about an hour and half drive if traffic is with you.

So one long drive down, and we get way back into the park with the horse ride is to occur. We talk with the staff and apparently the guide hurt himself so there’s no horse rides today. Even after Ty confirmed with them last night. This is a very ‘island’ thing it feels like! Poor Ryder was devastated. We were all miserably hot and hungry at this point since its 1pm. So we ordered some food and tried to regroup. In addition to the horses they offer a few kids activities of 2 small ziplines, and a fishing spot.

So after we ate some ho-hum grilled cheese sandwiches, and some yummy chicken burgers, we followed two guides into the woods. Ryder was choosing to be miserable at this point. Her heart was broken, the humidity here is like nothing we’ve ever felt before, and we were walking into a very bug infested grassy path. Not a great scenario. However, she got through the two zip lines, even if they did send the kids right through some bushes.

After the very quick ziplines we walked over to the very buggy fishing hole. They had bamboo rods and a hunk of bread as bait. It felt very Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer. Immediately Ryder caught a fish, and asked to be done. The mosquitos love her anyway and we were in marshy mosquito heaven, so her and I walk quickly back to the car. The boys stayed another 10 minutes and Lincoln and Ty both caught a few more fish.

First fish!
Caught a fish and so itchy 😄
Parenthood is getting eaten alive but doing everything you can to give your kids a good experience.
Possibly Lincoln’s fish…
Serious fishing!

After the fish we took a brief detour to see the 7 colored earth. If you’ve see any of the “Instagram vs Reality” videos you can probably guess what it was like. A local did tell us that if the sun was shining we could see all the colors very distinctly. However, on our day it was quite overcast so we saw several pretty brown shades but that was about it. Thankful it was a 2 minute walk from the car park.

I’ve never seen any berries this vibrantly purple before.

Following this was an equally brief stop at the tallest waterfall in Mauritius.

We were back in the car and making our way back north. We did of course have to stop at a large supermarket that we found. We got some more sunscreen, and some very cheap medicines, Pringle flavors that aren’t available in the US, and of course some gelato. A very worthwhile stop indeed.

Then it was an hour or so drive home. But instead of heading right for the hotel we decided to got a bit further north and look for a restaurant. There is nothing right by our hotel (remember the dinner we had from two guys and a grill on the side of the road?). However about 10 minutes further is a more bustling tourist area and we found ourselves a pizza/pasta restaurant that was just opening up.

Three pastas and a burger were ordered. A few rounds of Heads Up and a few chapters of a story were read by the time dinner was served. We scarfed our meal in typical fashion and were soon on our way back. With a brief stop in a tourist shop to buy ourselves our souvenir Christmas ornament. A tiny dodo bird since this is where they used to live and are famous here.

Back to the hotel for quick showers and I tumbled into bed by 7pm exhausted. The kids keep trying to encourage me to go out on a date night with Ty but honestly I haven’t been able to stay up late enough to make that happen. But now that I have more meds, maybe I can manage something tomorrow.

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