Adventure Day 2: Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius

Thursday and Friday were very similar days for us. I came down pretty hard with Ryder’s cold, so I was extremely congested and tired both these days. Thankfully Ty scheduled in some buffer days, and that allowed us just to hang around the hotel. Another reason why he picked this hotel is because it has so much to offer its guests.

Friday the 5th, Ty lounged, swam, and read by the pool early. I woke up at 6am which was fine after falling asleep at 9pm. Blogged for a bit and fell back asleep by 9. Ty motivated the kids and I to breakfast at 10am, so we could eat before they close at 10:30. It was a bit of a mad dash grab as they definitely started closing up and taking all the food away right at 10:30. After breakfast we went back to the pool to relax in our usual spots. Ty decided to give the water skiing a try since the seas were calmer than yesterday. But still not calm enough for them to let Lincoln try. Ty waterskied one lap and said it was pretty choppy. It was his first time on the ocean! Then he gave wakeboarding a try and did great at that as well.

We had a bit of a rain shower after lunch by the pool so we scuttled into the room briefly. Except for Ryder who was happy to stay in the pool through the rain.

Our plan was to go out snorkeling with the hotel at 1:30 but we thought the rain was going to cancel it. Well the rain was so brief that snorkeling was back on! Ty, Lincoln, and I grabbed our gear and headed out to the shore. We took a brief ride in the glass bottom boat, just down the coat from our hotel like 5 minutes and then anchored up. This was our snorkel spot!

The coral has new growth which is great to see, but it’s all pretty brown. The fish are mostly brown as well. I saw a pencil fish, a few angel fish, and one small yellow clam. It’s always neat to snorkel and get a glimpse of the underwater activity but this wasn’t the most vibrant snorkeling spot. Lincoln always amazes me though, he prefers no fins, no snorkel mask. Just free swimming and diving right along with us. I would be so exhausted!

After snorkeling I think we all laid low in the room for a bit. Then it was back to the pool for some final swim time. Ty and I were hoping to have a date night at the hotel but by the time 7pm rolled around I was pretty done for the day. We showered everyone up, order some room service. I even got some chicken noodle soup, and it was another night of 9pm bedtime for all.

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