Travel Day: Frankfurt, Germany to Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius.

Again sleep is all over the place. Ty and Linc were up for a while in the night and then totally up at 7am. I was up from about 3-6 then slept till 9am. Ryder slept the most but was also coughing and congested throughout the night. Her and I sharing a double bed while she’s sick, I don’t hold out much hope for me avoiding this cold. I’m sure she coughed in my face several times throughout the night. By 9am the boys had been up for several hours and Ty said he was actually getting worried that something was wrong and he hadn’t heard from us. But all was fine, we got up, and packed up our stuff. We needed to be out of the hotel by noon, and we were all really ready to be done with this place.

Lincoln and I remember this business name and saying, we say this all the time back home. It was fun to see again!

The plan was to check out the Natural History Museum. As we were taking tram there I remembered that we’d been last time we were in town. It was a fine museum, nothing bad and nothing good about it.

It was totally packed with parents, toddlers, and other tourists. Everyone made it through the first floor, then Ryder found herself a bench on the second floor and just laid down. So the rest of us zipped through the second floor and checked on her. She was totally asleep, until Lincoln woke her up, like the pesty little brother he is. We told her we’d do a quick lap of the 3rd floor and left her to rest. She said at one point a staff member came to check on her, and ask if she was liking the museum. 🙂 But they left her there, thank goodness for that kindness. I can’t imagine that going over so well in the US. We finished up, and gathered Ryder with us for a short walk back to the tram. From the tram to the hotel to get our suitcases. Hotel to the train station, and train station to the airport.

We all shed some clothes in anticipation of leaving cold Germany and arriving in warm, tropical Mauritius. Checking in and security went smoothly then we were on our way to lounge to wait for our flight. We didn’t have nearly enough time as we thought we were going to. Only about 40 minutes, but enough time for Lincoln to spill his drink all over himself. I had a spare pair of pants, but they’re like long johns so he wasn’t happy. We made our way to our gate, and he found himself a hand dryer while we were waiting. Back in his regular, now dry, clothes he was much happier.

He was not a fan of these pants! 😆

We got on the flight and again we’re thankful Ty was able to book us business class seats because 10 hours is much easier to handle in a lay flat seat. Very similar schedule as last time, watch a movie, eat dinner, and try to sleep. Again, it was a very, very hot flight. Not sure why. But Lincoln and I slept pretty good. I think Ryder slept well, however poor Ty didn’t sleep at all! The lack of sleep over the last three days caught up with him and by the end of the flight his body was feeling pretty miserable. I was concerned because we landed in Mauritius about 7am and there’s no way a hotel will let us check in that early.

First things first though, we survived going through customs and getting our suitcases with one very out of sorts child. We all went to the bathroom and changed into shorts, tee shirts, and sandals. Brushed teeth and reset ourselves. Then we got our rental car, and managed to wedge ourselves and our suitcases into it. Ty had researched ahead of time activities for us to do on our way to the hotel since we were so early. We stopped by a beautiful Hindu temple, called Amma Tookay Kovil. There were a few people there but no one talked to us, so we just walked it by ourselves and enjoyed the beautiful space. While both kids waited in the car…

From there we went to La Vanille Nature Park where the big attraction is the Aldabra giant tortoises and you can feed them! We got there before the ticket person even arrived at work, literally the first car in the parking lot. But it didn’t take long for us to get in. We also paid for Ryder to milk feed a baby goat. But our first stop inside was to go directly to the giant tortoises. They were amazing! They had so many of them, Lincoln kept saying it looks like a boulder field. They have them in all stages of growth as well, from humongous ones to small babies. It was neat to walk around and be near them, but then we paid to feed them and that was incredible! They saw when you were holding the branch of leaves and started to move towards us. As fast as turtles can, but it was amazing how you wouldn’t be paying attention behind you and suddenly you’re swarmed. The sounds they made while moving was like leather stretching, and they’d exhale when they grabbed the branch. It was just such a neat experience for all of us. We didn’t even mind the fact that we were totally getting eaten alive by the mosquitos.

After the turtles the kids were ready to bail, but we went and Ryder got to bottle feed a baby goat. She even shared, and let Lincoln have a turn. Then we convinced everyone to see what the rest of the park had. We saw lots of crocodiles, even one that was just born. Some birds, and monkeys. There was also a tame deer that was roaming the grounds. Oh and snails! There are giant snails here, and they’re everywhere. They totally freaked Lincoln out for some reason.

New born croc!

Thankfully the park had wifi so Ty was able to find out that our room was ready for us. So we finished up at the park and loaded back into the car. It was about 45 minutes from the south end of the island where we were at to our hotel near the northern tip. The landscape is lush and beautiful. The mountains are so different and quite jagged, while the soil is so red and appears very fertile. The kids did good till about the last ten minutes of the drive when they both feel asleep.

The hotel is right on the ocean and looks like paradise, especially after our last hotel. We were all greeted with sparkling drinks and cold towels. The kids and I went and checked out the kids club where Ryder made a date to get some henna tattoos later in the afternoon. Then we met up with Ty at the room. It’s lovely and has a king size bed, with a pull out couch. Lincoln found himself a spot for his sleeping nook. That’s his preference. Everyone is content! We rest in the room for about an hour till Ryder has her henna tattoo scheduled. Ty decided he needs some sleep so we leave him to rest.

Lincoln isn’t interested in what the kids club has to offer so we bop around on the beach. Trying to see what activities we can do. They hotel offers water skiing, glass bottom boats, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boards… lots of things! However, we tried water skiing and they said he was too young and the water is too rough right now. Oh yes, I should mention there’s a hurricane system around the island right now! We went to ask about these small boats they offer but again due to the weather we can’t take them out. So the activities were a bit of a bust and we made our way back to the kids club to check on Ryder. She had a beautiful hand of henna and was the hit of all the little kids in the club house. Lincoln and I played with the squirt guns a bit. Then he found a suction cup archery set, and played with that for a bit. After this we headed to the pool while Ryder choose to stay in the kids club.

Ty had been asleep for almost 2 hours so we decided to grab Ryder from kids club and go wake him up. Then everyone came out to the pool to relax and enjoy the sunset. We had room service delivered to us at the pool and it tasted good to everyone.

About 5pm I was done and went and changed out of my swim suit. Housekeeping was coming so I headed back to the pool and Ty and I decided to walk the beach. We left the kids plugged in and went exploring. We walked down about a mile and then came back through town. As we were getting close to the hotel we noticed a bunch of bats flying around. It was kind of amazing to see them in the wild, though they’re not my favorite animal and I was glad to see them from a distance.

The sunsets here are incredible

Ty and the kids ended the night with some more swimming shenanigans. I went and showered, before tucking myself into bed. I was definitely starting to feel the effects of Ryder’s cold. Everyone was in bed and lights out around 9pm and I think we are all looking forward to a wonderful night of uninterrupted sleep!

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