Adventure Day 1: Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius

Our first full day in Mauritius! I think Ty and I were up by 6am but that’s fine since we went to sleep by 9pm. Our first full nights sleep in about 4 days of traveling. We relaxed in the dark for a while getting some blogging and photo posting done. At least that’s what I was up to, I’m sure Ty was researching or planning some new travel adventure. He headed out to the pool about 7:30 to swim and save us some seats. I facetime’d with my mom and finally dragged myself and the kids out of the room about 8:30. Lazy mornings are the best. It was amazing that no one else was by the pool yet. Typically where we stay people are out early saving seats at least. Not here, the pool didn’t get busy till after noon.

We enjoyed the buffet breakfast at the hotel. No honey comb but otherwise they offer everything else. It was delicious but I’ll admit drinking hot tea in 85 degree weather with 85% humidity is a bit sweaty. After breakfast we all changed for the pool and just relaxed, reading or playing games. Occasionally we would get in the pool to cool off but it was a wonderful way to spend the morning.

At breakfast a kids club staff member told us about the intro to scuba diving they were offering the kids. So we signed up Ryder and Lincoln. It was supposed to start by meeting at the pool at 1. Well by 1:30 no one showed up so I walked to the Kids Club and the staff member had just left and told us to meet at the Dive Center. So we gathered up the kids and walked to the dive center. It was another 20 minutes of waiting for at the Dive Center for the scuba instructor to arrive. Everything here definitely seems on island time. It was our kids, and a lovely girl from Frankfurt, Germany that were taking the class. The instructor took them back to the main pool and just had them try out the regulator and the vest one at a time. It was really neat to observe. The kids took to it so quickly!

Afterwards we went back to our pool side seats and ordered some lunch. It was so hot, we kept moving around between the chairs that could find some shade. After eating the kids were done with the heat and retreated to the room. Ty and I stayed out till it started to sprinkle and we made it to our room right as it really started to downpour.

We all relaxed in the room for a bit till Ty booked us a tennis court at 5pm. It was fun, but hot, and I wasn’t feeling so great by this point. The kids were snapping at each other, and it just was a bit of a frustrating, and sweaty mess. We decided it was time for dinner and Ty had found us this restaurant just down the road. He went to get his wallet from his room, and we returned the rackets to the reception. For some reason I thought he was meeting us there, and he thought he was going to catch us on the road. So he was running up and down the road in this heat looking for us. Meanwhile Lincoln and I were sweating our faces off trying to play ping pong just off the reception area of the hotel.

After Ty came back and found us, he wisely decided that we should just drive to dinner. Again, sweltering heat, kids melting down and fighting, wife not doing so well. Unfortunately though, the restaurant was still closed for the holidays, as was pretty much everything else. Except for these guys with a grill on the side of the road. We decided to give it a try. They were offering hot dogs and bbq chicken, that was the entire menu. We decided on two hot dogs and chicken for Ryder since she won’t eat hot dogs. Well the hot dogs were no problem but Ty ended up standing on the side of the road for 30 minutes waiting for the chicken to finish cooking. The kids were snipping at each other waiting in the hot car. I got so tired just standing with Ty, I had to go sit in the car, till I couldn’t stand the fighting any more. We were a literal hot mess! But we got the food and made it back to the hotel in one piece. Ryder refused to eat any of it. I think Lincoln had two bites. I ate the hot dogs and bite of chicken before I showered and tucked myself into bed again. Definitely a reality of travel in a foreign country…

Per our usual, everyone in bed and lights out by 9pm. Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow and we get a redo on attitudes.

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