Adventure Day 1: Heidelberg, Germany

We had explored Frankfurt in the past so we knew we wanted to do something different. A friend recommended the town of Heidelberg so Ty and I looked at it, and decided that would be a good place to spend a day. So he bought tickets ahead of time since the price was going up and it was for 8am leaving Frankfurt and returned at 6pm. We had know idea and just booked what we thought was best. Hindsight, that wasn’t a great schedule…

The 7am wake up wasn’t really the problem, it was the fact that Ty and Lincoln woke up at 3am and never went back to sleep. I was up at 6am but that wasn’t terrible. Ryder slept the best of all of us, however, she woke up completely congested and feeling sick. Not a good start for anyone.

We grabbed some breakfast at the train station. Oh how I’ve missed European sandwiches and baked goods. I also got a coffee because desperate times call for desperate measures. The train ride to Heidelberg was an hour long which proved to be a great time for Lincoln to finally get some sleep.

Arriving in Heidelberg it was very quiet. There was evidence of fireworks all over, however there were not very many people about, and all the shops were closed. A local did mention to us that it was a National Holiday. We walked towards the city center and the shopping area hoping to kill some time before the castle opened at 11 but again, nothing was open. We finally found a little cafe that was operating and we jumped at the chance to sit for a bit and have some drinks.

We stayed there for an hour and a half in the end. Just playing different card games and watching as a steady stream of customers came in the entire time. Good business but I felt for the staff. We finally headed to the castle a little after 11. There are two options for getting to it, taking a walking path up the hill or riding a funicular. We all knew the funicular was the best choice for everyone today. And they’re fun, it’s like a vertical trolley.

We splurged and got that ticket that included the castle and the extra funicular ride to the top of the hill. It was extremely windy at the top. There were several restaurants, walking paths, and a children’s play area that was closed for the winter.

Lincoln declared he wanted to take the walking path down the hill, and Ryder was game for it, so we went for it. It appeared to be quite the busy path for those wanting a hill climb exercise. We saw lots of walking poles and several runners. Then a few tourists, and us, with our snacks, and playing some music to keep Ryder motivated. Lincoln scampering on and off the trail like a mountain goat. It was a neat path, and I’m glad we experienced some of it. We came to the funicular stop and rode it down to the castle.

The castle was neat but the majority of it was just walking around the exterior. We did go inside one area to see quite possibly the largest wooden cask in the world, but there was absolutely no information on it. We also had access to the Apothecary museum, but again without the audio tour guides that we usually get it was hard to know what everything was. We found out later that to get inside the castle you have to hire a tour guide, and by that point we were lagging on energy again. So we called it complete on the castle and took the funicular back down to the town.

We throughly this was a big cask, just wait!
This was enormous!
Part of the apothecary museum

We came across a little Christmas Market that was actually still open. This is amazing because everything usually shuts down on Christmas Eve. But this one had an ice skating rink so that’s maybe why it was still operating. Lincoln got himself a fresh crepe, Ryder a donut, and Ty and I shared an authentic German brautwurst. It was delicious and made me feel like now I was really back in Germany, experience complete!

After this we walked back into town and found a Subway for Lincoln. He hasn’t been eating a lot of food these past few days so we knew Subway was something he was actually eat. We were getting really tired by this point so sitting down and playing some more card games for another hour worked out pretty well. I think Ryder may have even taken a brief nap. We were struggling but it was only about 4 o’clock and we still had 2.5 hours till our train back to Frankfurt.

The break at Subway helped, and when we left there we were looking for dinner options for Ty, Ryder, and I. We came across 5 Guys burgers and decided to go for it. Sometimes you just need food that’s easy and you know will be quick. By the time we finished it was close enough for us to walk to the train station. We actually timed it well since we only waited about 10 minutes for our train to arrive. Lincoln was determined not to fall asleep on the train ride. Not sure why, but he got ahold of Ty’s phone and played some game on it for the entire ride. I was impressed. However, the rest of us conked out almost immediately in that warm and lulling train.

A quick walk back to our hotel and we soon had everyone tucked into bed. I think Ryder and I were asleep around 9pm. Here’s hoping she feels better tomorrow, as we’re off on our next big flight from Germany to Mauritius!

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