Travel Day: Anchorage, AK USA to Frankfurt, Germany

We’re off on our annual Hampton Family International Holiday trip. We’ve convinced Ty that we like spending Christmas at home, so we’re not leaving till the 30th this year! Such a rare treat for us to get that much of the month of December in Alaska. I mean granted we did take a weekend in Arizona to visit family but aside from that we’ve been in Alaska! 😉 We left at 9am on Saturday morning. Again, always wonderful to leave at a reasonable hour and not a red eye flight.

We got to Seattle no problem, and checked out a few new Priority Pass restaurants in Sea-Tac. Got ourselves a bag of free bakery items and always a Pho soup from Bambuza, before we headed up to the Alaska Airlines lounge. It’s the most comfortable way to spend 4 hours in the airport. Our next flight it was 10 hours to Frankfurt, Germany in Business Class on Condor! We were all so excited for these lay flat seats.

We got onboard and the flight was extremely empty. There were only about 10 people in the Business Class section. Ty and Ryder sat solo by the windows and I sat in the middle with Lincoln. Overall it was a pleasant flight, no issues. Minor points of note, there was no where to put your stuff at your seats, usually there’s some sort of storage but these seats were configured where you had to put everything in the overhead. I was in and out of ours like 10 times throughout the flight. Also the movies available were all really old movies, like 90s and older it seemed like. Tons of Brendan Fraser movies! Again, very minor issues and nothing that makes for a bad experience. We all slept about 5 hours on the flight and between that dinner, and breakfast we were landing in Frankfurt before we knew it. We landed about 3pm on Sunday the 31st.

A not so quick trip through customs, and we picked up our luggage. Took ourselves to the train station and since we were here a few years ago it all felt very familiar. Ty got us a hotel in a convenient location, it’s only a few blocks from the main train station in the city center.

Pringle vending machine!

Check in at the hotel wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped. Ty had booked us two rooms with two single beds in each. Nothing fancy but for two nights it would get the job done. However, when we show up he offers us rooms with one single bed or rooms with a double bed. So we ended up with two extremely tiny rooms with one double bed. The hotel was a bit sketchy and the kids didn’t feel safe staying on their own. So Ty and I split up and each took a kid. Totally made sense, it was just a bit of a rough start to our stay. Just goes to show, we don’t always stay in fabulous luxury hotels! Sometimes you end up with a dud. And it being New Years Eve, we really had zero other choices.

Yep, aside from a tiny bathroom, that’s the entire room.

We convinced the kids to walk down to the old town square just to have a look around. Otherwise we’d all fall into bed asleep by 4pm. There was quite a bit of pushback but we were all better off for getting out of that hotel. We finally caved on dinner about 5pm. Ty found us a little hole in the wall Indian Restaurant that was some of the best we’ve ever had!

Best effort for smiles.
Quite windy this evening! Very thankful to be wearing fleece leggings under my pants.

Back to the rooms to shower everyone, our shower of course leaked everywhere in the bathroom. But we managed to keep Lincoln up till about 9pm and Ryder and I stayed up till almost 10pm. Sleep was amazing until the stoke of midnight and it was a New Years fireworks extravaganza! People had stacks of fireworks, and huge rockets. These guys right below our room window were letting them off in the train tracks. I watched someone launch a rocket from their hands. I saw them hit parked cars, and trollies going by. I have never seen fireworks that close as they were going by our window. Ryder and I watched for about 30 minutes but then we were tired and hoping it was going to wind down. No such luck. There were huge booming fireworks going off till 6am! I don’t know if they’re cheaper in Germany than the US or why it would be allowed inside of a big city but it was super common. Not our most restful night of sleep…

This guy is carrying a huge box of fireworks in one hand and a large beer in the other!

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