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Travel Day 13: Singapore, to Anchorage, AK USA

Bright and early 6am they delivered some pastries, OJ, and tea to our room. I’m going to miss that! We got up and rolled out of the hotel, our last time feeling the warm air as we fly from Singapore directly to Seattle. The drive to the airport and checking in for our flight are wonderfully uneventful.

We have one 14 hour flight from Singapore to Seattle, that was during the day for us. So no one really felt like sleeping. We left at 9am Singapore time and arrived around 7am the same day. It was a very boring flight after a while, a few meals, way too many movies, I finished a book. Lincoln did sleep for an hour or two, but otherwise it was fine.

Seattle we had some Bambuza, our favorite food, and then rested at the lounge for a bit. Our flight home wasn’t till 11am.

Again flight to Anchorage, went just fine, by this point though we’re a bit loopy from lack of sleep. So the kids just flopped over, I tried to do the same. I know I’m past exhaustion when I can actually sleep sitting up. At one point Lincoln snuck down onto the floor (gross I know!) and he slept down there for at least an hour.

Then before we know it we’re home!!! As cold as it was, it’s always nice to arrive home, after such long travels.

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