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Travel Day 12: Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia to Singapore

The way the flights worked out Ty decided to book us a day in Singapore on our way back. This also breaks up the flights for us. It was 4 on the way to Bali but thankfully just 1 flight to Singapore, we spend the night, then 2 flights the next day.

We had a driver to come for us at 7:15, so we had time for one last hotel breakfast. We saw the biggest koi in the pond by breakfast, and some sort of lizard that looked like a mini crocodile. The drive to the airport was quick and easy, then we were through security and relaxing in the lounge.

The flight from Bali to Singapore was 2 hours, and they fed us some yummy food. We enjoyed some good movies and before we knew it we were there. Another quick cab ride took us to our last hotel of the trip. Ty was so excited for this one since the pool was on the roof of the 35th floor.

The view from reception!
Ryder loves the fainting couch!
Quite the view

We changed into swimsuits to go check out the pool. They also had a lounge with some snacks which helped us through the afternoon. Ryder was a total fish and stayed in the pool for hours. Lincoln was out after a while, and got some homework done. The lounge offered drinks and more food after 5pm. So that was a nice transition to the evening. Our only goal was to try and go walk around Chinatown, since we haven’t really explored that area of Singapore.

Ty and Ryder’s faces crack me up.

However, it quickly became apparently as we left the hotel, Lincoln in a mood. He was super hyper, and wild, and just being a lot. I offered to take him back and let Ty and Ryder go on. But honestly Lincoln needed the movement so we stuck it out, till we officially reached Chinatown.

He’s always loved a 7-11

Lincoln was hungry by now and so we walked to a nearby food market. This would have been amazing except the rest of us were tired and just ready to be back at the hotel. Lincoln got himself some super yummy looking Indian and a piece of naan bread bigger than his head. We brought it back to hotel and he was a happy kid.

We all showered and packed up mostly for the next morning was going to be an early one at 6am. We’re of course sharing two double beds. It’s a bit snug for us at this point but we make it work for one night.

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