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Adventure Day 11: Nusa Dua, Bali

Our last full day in Bali! We didn’t have anything planned other than attempt to snorkel in the morning off our hotel beach since that’s when it’s high tide, and relax by the pool. Ty went and grabbed our good pool chairs again while the kids relaxed and I blogged in the morning. Breakfast at the hotel was wonderful again. So many international options.

School work by the pool and some more attempts at the water slide, which is again very slow and they won’t let grown ups go down. The main pool is extremely deep, which sounds good in theory, however when you can’t touch anywhere but the edge it’s hard to play with your kids. So I think the main pool in underutilized considering the amount of families with kids that were sitting around it.

Ty, Lincoln, and I took out a couple of kayaks to see if we could get past the weedy area and out to some snorkeling. They ran a prearranged earthquake/tsunami drill about 5 minutes after we got out on the water, so that totally freaked Lincoln out. No matter how much we assured him it was a drill. Ty wanted to go out past the surf to where some boats had snorkelers, I wasn’t comfortable with my kayak skills enough for that. Lincoln and I never did find anywhere that didn’t have weeds, so we headed back. Ty went out to where the boats were, and hopped in the water. He said there was very little fish and no coral so definitely not worth it. On his way back he also managed to break the kayak paddle.

Back to the pool for homework and lunch, very stressful day as you can imagine. After lunch we started playing volleyball and this lovely family from London joined us. Their oldest boy was Lincoln’s age and just such a fun kid. So he and Lincoln started water gun fights, and diving competitions. Then the towel cabana set up a ‘ping pong ball toss’ game, it was basically beer pong for kids! I dragged Ryder over to join in and she was all about it when she found out the winner got a free ice cream. The first round without her was a tie, so they played a second round that she was able to join, and lo and behold she won!

Back to the pool for Lincoln and his buddy while Ryder did some more reading, and Ty and I just got to relax. It was lovely.

We left about 4pm for the high tea service they offer in the lobby. Felt good to get out of the heat for a bit. Then we headed up to the room, to complete some more homework, shower, and start packing up. We have a driver coming to get us at 7:15 tomorrow morning.

We walked to the nearby mall for dinner. Ryder had been requesting sushi. The dinner was ok. We ended up basically sharing everything since what people ordered wasn’t their favorite. Isn’t that so typical? Lincoln got some more Pokemon cards, and we tried to find ourselves an ornament that represented our time in Bali. Ornaments and masks are our go to souvenirs.

Boys being goofs!
I finally tried a Bali beer. Also this is what you get when you ask a kid for a photo. 🤷🏻‍♀️

A walk in the dark back to the hotel for jammies and bed. We had some highs and lows on this trip, but I feel like we’re ending it on a really good few days. Maybe it just takes us about 5 days to get into our rhythm? Tomorrow we fly to Singapore and then get to spend the day there. We’ve been to Singapore a few times so I think we’ll just take it easy, no major must sees.

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