Adventure Day 10: Nusa Dua, Bali

It’s Waterbom Day!!! It’s the largest waterpark in Asia, and Ty and the kids have been so excited for this day. I enjoy a water park but I don’t love it. So after breakfast we had Gusti pick us up again at 8:30 so we could be there by 9 when the doors open.

The park was huge, but there was tons of staff members guiding us and greeting us along the way. Everyone was so friendly, and the park is so clean! The flooring is thought out so it doesn’t get hot on the stairs to the slides. There was no rust anywhere, unlike our water park in Mexico. The staff members had cubbies they could put your sunglasses or cell phones if it was a ride you couldn’t take those on. The details at this place were just very well thought out. They had you fill up a wrist band with funds so no money was actually used in the park, you just paid with your wrist band.

We found ourselves a few chairs with umbrellas by the life guard station and left our stuff for the day. Several times we left our wallet and cell phones tucked away in a bag and it never felt unsafe. They also had lockers to rent if we had wanted to, but it honestly never felt like we needed them.

The park was busy, but not crowded. Seemed like it was all tourists from around the world, we heard, Russian, and Japanese, but mostly it was Australians. The rides were all amazing, and I think Lincoln and Ty did every single ride they had available. Lincoln was too light to do one of the rides that drops the floor from you and then rolls you in a full loop. If you’re under a certain weight you don’t make the loop and you get stuck. Eeek!

We removed all but two of the braids. Her head was getting so sore and sunburned.

Otherwise, everyone did a ride where the floor drops out from under you and you fall down the tube. I did two different ones even though I said I wasn’t going to before we even got there. I did the scary vertical boomerang which shoots you straight up a wall. Ty loves all this stuff, his brain says, I’m safe, this is fun! My brain starts shouting, I’m going to die! So it’s definitely more of a struggle for me. My throat was so sore by the end of the day due to all the screaming.

Please enjoy my face of pure terror.

Some hamburgers by the pool for lunch. A few lounge chair breaks but otherwise we rode those slides from 9am till we dragged ourselves out at 5pm. Gusti zipped us back to the hotel in no time and we plunked the kids in their room so Ty and I could hit the adults only happy hour. Some free wine or fruit juice for those that prefer it, and some very yummy appetizers, while I beat Ty at cards was a great way to spend an hour.

We tried going to the local pasta restaurant with the kids but Lincoln wasn’t into the menu at all. So he and I went back to the room. Ended up just ordering him chicken strips from room service while Ty and Ryder had an unexpected date. They found a Balinese dance show happening at the beach on their way back. Then it was time for bed, and the kids were out by 9pm.

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