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Adventure Day 9: Nusa Dua, Bali

Ty and I got up around 7am, and he zipped down to the pool to save us some seats with shade. The kids and I relaxed in the room till about 8am when the breakfast hungries hit. This hotel breakfast is so massive! So many different types of food and we didn’t even get to visit all the stations. As we were leaving I noticed two more food stations we hadn’t even seen!

We did some pool swimming and some homework by the pool. Lincoln was feeling frustrated because the slide was super slow. Also adults weren’t allowed on it, so that’s lame for Ty and I. The pool is strangely deep as well. Over 6 ft for most of it so you can’t really stand in it and relax or play around. Lincoln being so frustrated we decided to go explore the hotel to see what we could find. We basically walked every floor and over to the convention center. I’ll let you know, there was nothing interesting to be found. The kids club is unfortunately quiet little kid-ish. I’m dreading the fact they’re starting to outgrow them just as we’re learning about them. The spa and other amenities, like golf simulator, and tennis courts are expensive. So it’s not quite the amazing experience that we were first thinking it would be. But after some time exploring Ty convinced Lincoln to hop on a tandem bike with him and off they went on the beach front path.

By the time they came back we were starting to get hungry for lunch, and the pool food wasn’t calling our name. So we decided to try the shuttle service to a nearby mall and see what we could find there. Wouldn’t you know it, we wanted to go right when they were taking their hour long break. So we walked the 15 minutes to the mall. It’s literally down the road, but today was super hot and humid, so of course Ryder was on another death march.

We found an Indian restaurant that had tables inside with AC. All was right with the world again. Lincoln managed to find some amazing knock-off Pokemon cards and the kids got Cold Stone. This managed to get us all back on track. The other goal for the afternoon was a fruit carving class offered at the hotel for the kids. So we were hustling to get back, but wanted to wait for the shuttle to avoid the ‘death march’ again. Well the shuttle took a bit to show up, then it turns out we were going to be the last stop of several. Ugh, so we jumped off after the first stop and walked across the street over to our hotel. By the time we made it to the fruit carving class we were almost 20 minutes late and they weren’t doing it. I’m guessing no one else showed up. The kids were disappointed and we were all a bit of a hot sweaty mess. Up to the room we went to cool off and veg out for a bit.

Around 4pm Ty woke up from his nap and we realized we could still make it to the free high tea they were offering in the lobby bar. So we zipped down with the kids and got some appetizers and snacks with some tea for Lincoln and I. Ryder and Ty decided on chocolate milk instead.

The plan was to go swimming afterwards but I started going over the new week of school work the kids need to get done. School doesn’t stop just because we’re on vacation, sorry kids/yay homeschool! So I got the kids set up on some assignments while I got all the new activities printed out.

An unexpected evening of homework was needed and the kids did a great job getting a lot of it completed. Not without some pushback of course. But some room service dinner while listening to the next chapter in their History lesson is a pretty good way to learn.

It’s getting late, the kids are getting ready for bed, while I’m trying to catch up on the blog, and Ty is busy researching our Christmas trip activities. He never stops…

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