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Adventure Day 7: Ubud, Bali

We decided to have a day around town in Ubud and accomplish some things we wanted. Ryder has been asking for acrylic nails for years, to help her stop biting her nails. So we were hoping to accomplish that today since spas are abundant in this tourist town. Ty was hoping for a massage and I just wanted a pedicure. Lincoln was going to get to play on his kindle during this time so he would be content.

However, prior to this spa day, we wanted to explore the ridge walk in town. So after breakfast we arranged with a local free electric taxi to take us into town. It dropped us off about a block from the start of the ridge walk. It’s supposed to be a beautiful walk that takes you along the rice fields and has amazing views. It was so hot, and it was 9am. We were sweating! There were quite a few other people on this path, and it was a bit of an elevation gain. Ryder was struggling. So Ty ended up reading her book out loud to her. Because of course she brought a book on a hike. This really did help keep her motivated. Lincoln was just happy to skip and run along a trail, talking my ear off the entire time.

Ty’s reading and they had people walk with them to listen. 😆
Still reading!

We walked to a gate, and then it went through a town. We kept walking. Lincoln tried asking someone how much longer to the vistas and who knows if he understood us but he said another half a kilometer. So we kept going… At just under two miles Ty and I called it, knowing that we had to go back that same distance and it was miserably hot. Lincoln being Lincoln offer to take the backpack of water from Ty to give him a break. Which was very thoughtful but it was too heavy for him to carry. So I took it since Ty was still reading to Ryder. Then Lincoln wanted to run the trail since that gave him a breeze. Thus I was now running down this single lane road through a town, with a backpack of water bottles. Lincoln keeps things fun!

We waited for Ryder and Ty at the gates to the trail, which we figured was the actual end of the ridge walk. Then Ty and I switched off. He ran with Lincoln who was now wearing the backpack and Ryder and I walked along together. We finished about 3.5 miles in full sun, and I was so proud of how my kids handled this hard thing. It wasn’t without complaints but there were no total meltdowns.

Your local gas station are these little pumps.

Our goal after that was to find a spa with AC and relax! We walked a market briefly before going back to the Main Street and going into the first spa we found. Ryder was sad to hear her nails were too short for acrylics. But she bounced back when she found out they would braid hair extensions for her. Our children are so determined to march to their own drums, it’s impressive. I got my pedicure, and Ty got himself a 90 minute massage since that’s how long they said Ryder’s hair would take.

Early stages

Well much to my disappointment, my pedicure took 30 minutes and then Lincoln and I were left to sit there for another 2 hours while we waited for everyone else. I was getting extra salty since a woman came in for a pedicure the same time I did, and she got one that lasted 2 hours! In the end though, Ryder was thrilled with her hair, and Ty said he had a great massage.

Some food afterwards helped, and then we taxi’d back to the hotel for a break. The kids signed up for some activities with the hotel. Lincoln made a kite, and Ryder tye-dyed a t shirt. Then Lincoln joined Ty and I in the pool, while Ryder chose homework over swimming.

We signed up with the hotel to do a rice field sunset walk and gave up on our plan to go to a Balinese Dance performance. The performances don’t start till 7:30 and last till 9pm. As much as I wanted to see one of these, we just can’t seem to stay up that late, and it was setting ourselves up for failure if we tried. It turned out to be a great decision because the walk through the fields with two other guests and a hotel guide was wonderful. It was such a beautiful night and another great way to see Bali. He pointed out all the different fruit trees, and some interesting plants. We walked past a property where the guy raises roosters for fighting, and past a farm where pigeons were being trained for racing.

This lady was wearing a Metallica shirt and Ty was so excited. But she had no clue what we were talking about.

We got back and decided to actually eat dinner in the restaurant for a change. Everyone devoured their pasta and then it was ice cream for Ty and the kids. I was hoping to get a banana split as well, but that pasta was too much.

Back to the room for some final relaxing of the evening, and it’s an early start tomorrow. Which shouldn’t be a problem. We head back down south to NUSA DUA but with some adventures along the way, of course.

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