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Adventure Day 5: Ubud, Bali

We scheduled a ride with the 9am hotel bus to go to the Monkey Sanctuary so our usual wake up time wasn’t an issue. Breakfast at the hotel is good. Then we headed to see the monkeys! Definitely a major highlight for the trip. Monkeys are considered sacred in Bali so this sanctuary was a beautiful place and full of temples. It’s amazing how used to people these monkeys were.

How cute is this?!

We were headed around the last area of the sanctuary when we saw these monkey’s climbing on people. Well gosh darn it if that doesn’t seem like a bucket list activity! So first the monkeys were very interested in Ty since he was wearing a backpack Ryder was desperately trying to get his to come over to her shoulder. Lincoln figured out that they loved his long hair. I was holding a fan that one monkey was trying to steal from me. I ended up with some bite marks on it as a fun souvenir. All was fun and wonderful till I believe the monkey tried grooming Lincoln. Its sharp little fingers dug into his head and that was it for Lincoln. He was totally freaked out, and went from loving the monkey experience to being totally overwhelmed. I mean it could have happened to any of us, since letting a monkey get that close is totally dangerous. However, Ryder still had hers on her shoulder and she was in love. So we walked with the monkey for a bit I while Lincoln was desperate to get out of there.

Ryder desperately trying to win over Ty’s monkey 😆
Still having fun.
He’s one of them!
Over the moon 😍
Selfie with a monkey!
Wanted the monkey to stay forever.

We had no more issues with monkeys as we worked our way out of the park. We got our ride back to the hotel about noon, and ordered everyone some lunch. Time to get some school work done as well.

A few hours later we took a taxi into town to do a bit of shopping. They have a large art market they built in the middle of town, just jam packed with stalls. The majority of it is all exactly the same cheap stuff, but it’s always fun to look. Ryder found a ring she loves, and some gifts for friends. Lincoln got himself a sling shot that he’s so excited about. Ty and I found another mask for our collection and some small artwork. After an hour though we were all very hot and over stimulated by all the people, noise, and sights. So we grabbed some driver, asked if he would take us back to our hotel. He may or may not have been a taxi but his price was right, so we hopped in. The AC felt amazing!

Back at the hotel, we swam for a bit. They were offering a cocktail hour so Ty and I escaped for an hour to check that out. Bribed our kids to keep playing outside at the pool for that hour with the promise of banana splits. It totally worked!

Pizza and burgers by the pool for dinner then a bit of quiet time in bed before lights out. Tomorrow is another big trip highlight, we get to go to the Elephant Sanctuary!

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