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Adventure Day 4: Nusa Dua to Ubud, Bali

We woke up thanks to Lincoln about 6am, per our usual. Got a bit of relaxing, reading time before we got up and started packing up again. Breakfast was the huge, yummy spread and we left with a few extra donuts for the road. Back to the room to finish packing everything up. We’re moving up north to Ubud after our rafting and ATV adventures today.

We hired a driver for the day since that way we knew our stuff would be secure in his car and we weren’t reliant on a tour companies schedule. The drive up to the rafting site which was just outside of Ubud, was about 2 hours. And we had the kids stay off their devices the entire time. Well after days of overload, you’d think Lincoln’s brain was going to melt without it. But in the end we had some fun conversations.

We booked rafting and ATVs thinking the kids would have a blast. However, when we got dropped off at the top of the trail and had to hike down to the river, something switched for Ryder. Not sure if it was nerves, or whether or what caused the change in attitudes but suddenly everything was miserable and she wanted us all to know it. The river rafting was actually perfect for beginners. The rapids were very mellow and the raft never tipped at a steep angle. The guides were very fun and playful, splashing and letting us swim in the river when we could. Lincoln and I were in front and having a good time. But Ryder was pretty miserable and it made it a difficult for everyone to really enjoy the experience.

This kid was the first one in for swimming!
She faked it for the pictures

We got through it, and given some time over lunch she was about to get a bit of perspective. But she was extremely hesitant to go for the ATV ride. Thankfully when we got there, they had puppies so she focused on them, and that helped change her mood. She rode with Ty and started to have fun. About halfway through he let her drive and she now was having a blast. Lincoln drove for a bit with me, but the machines are heavy for him to muscle around. It was interesting how many people were totally clueless how to drive a heavy machine. It felt very similar to a snow machine for us. But several people had to be driven by guides. We found out at least three people fell off or tipped their machines. I had no idea it would be that accident prone.

Still not sure at the beginning.
Now she’s the driver and all smiles.
Mom let’s do duck lips 😄

The ride was fun, but it was different. A lot of driving through town, then on these man made tracks through muddy water, and fake waterfalls. But in between we did drive around some incredible rice fields. Afterwards they served us a simple meal of either rice or noodles with a cooked egg.

It was about 5pm and we were all wiped out from a long day in the sun. So instead of visiting a temple like planned we asked just to go to our hotel. It was of course right in rush hour traffic. I think it was only 6km from the ATVs but it took us well over an hour to get to the hotel. We all just wanted to get out of swim suits, and have a warm shower. The nice part of this hotel, is the kids get their own room. Looking around it seems like it’ll be a very comfortable place to spend the next 4 days. We had an end of the day wind down with the kids getting banana splits while Ty and I enjoyed milkshakes. It felt like a nice way to end a day with such highs and lows.

By 8pm after the ice cream was finished I was fading fast, so back to the room for PJs and everyone getting tucked into their own cozy beds.

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