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Adventure Day 3: Bali, Indonesia

Good morning to 5am again. Lincoln is of course starving by 5:30 and breakfast doesn’t even open till 6:30. So we plug in for a while and just wait for the day. We talk to some family back in the states because it’s a reasonable time there.

Breakfast is amazing! The amount of different stations and international cuisines is so impressive. The kids stick with waffles, and pancakes and bacon mostly. But Ty and I try as much variety as we can. The donuts are pretty good as well.

After breakfast we scoped out some good pool seats and everyone got suited up for the the day. We had some quiet time at the pool followed by the slide, some floating time, and then some napping by the pool. We knew they were releasing the rest of the sea turtle nest at our old hotel at 11am. So we walked down the beach to see the big event. It turned out to be a miserable and hot walk according to our children. For all of 5 minutes… The Ritz was a mad house. There was a huge crowd around the bucket of turtles, they were trying to ration out about 40 turtles and divide them up between families, couples, elderly… It was crazy and it honestly made us so thankful we had such quiet, calm, and unique experiences of our own the day before. We refreshed ourselves in the pool before we did the “death march” back to our hotel.

Lincoln and I ordered some food. His was mushy fish, and my Cesar salad had one piece of lettuce so it was a bit of a let down. We played some volleyball, and did the slide some more before Lincoln was over the pool. His face is a bit pink and tender so it hurts for him to wear his googles. So he and I headed up to the room to get out of the sun, and get some homework done. He said he actually got bored of pool time!

Ryder and Ty, ordered some food. The calamari had 2 pieces! But he said the pizza was a decent size. They played in the pool for a bit before joining us in the room for some attempt at homework and non-electronic time.

After a bit of homework Lincoln still needed to burn off some energy so Ty took him to the gym while Ryder completed more homework, and I got some homeschool grades reported. Then us girls joined them in the gym. I was impressed with how long Lincoln stayed focused at the gym. He was trying out every piece of equipment he could, and super focused on how much calories he was burning. Whatever keeps him busy.

After the gym we ordered the kids some room service for dinner while Ty and I went to the lounge to see what they have. We played cards and had some drinks. Then our plan was to go to the hotel restaurant for dinner but we thought we’d check and see how much leftovers the kids have. Honestly we haven’t been eating big meals this trip. Not sure if it’s the heat or just getting away from American size portions. So when we saw the kids had plenty of food left, we just decided to stay in for the night.

Lincoln was fighting to go to sleep by 7:30, he is so exhausted by all the activity and his early morning wake ups. Ryder had a bit more energy than him, and the rest of us stayed up till at least 9pm. But that was ok, since we knew our ride was coming tomorrow at 8:30 to pick us up, so early to bed and early to rise is becoming our norm.

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