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Adventure Day 2: Bali, Indonesia

We woke up at a closer to regular time today. Only 6am! The kids relaxed in the room while Ty and I walked the beach. Then we came back, and had another amazing breakfast. Such a simple thing, but it’s the best tea I’ve ever had, and they have it waiting at the table for us by the time we come back with our plates filled. Amazing service here!

At breakfast Lincoln had some sort of back/side muscle spasm. Out of no where, he was just in terrible pain. We couldn’t stretch it out, or rub it to help. Lying down, standing up, nothing seemed to help. Staff members immediately noticed he was in pain and offered to call a doctor. We asked for some ice, and several members offer some warm water for him to drink. Strange as it was, the warm water and ice on the spot seemed to help. The staff kept an eye on Lincoln and continued to check on how he was doing. It was strange, and not sure what triggered it, but I was impressed with the care we immediately received.

After breakfast we went and packed up so they could have our room, while we went to the pool. We had arranged a taxi to take us to our next hotel (two hotels down the street) at 1:30. Knowing we were checking out today, the Kids Club arranged for the kids to have some sea turtles to release. It was amazing, again how much effort and care the staff was putting into our two day stay. They also said they were going to send a photographer down to record the release with us.

At 11, the head from the Kids Club staff came and got the kids so we could release 3 sea turtles that were 2 days old. It was so special and just feels magical that we can be around and apart of this. We try to be as respectful and not interfere with the turtles as much as we can. We held them and then set them in the sand or past the surf so they can get their best shot at freedom.

Well about 11:30, some other staff member comes up and tells us that our sea turtles are ready for release! I’m honest with him and tell him we did it already through the Kids Club staff, and offer them to other families. However, he insists they’re all waiting and ready for us, so we may as well go and release them. We meet him and another staff member at the beach, and they have 6 more turtles for us to release! Ryder didn’t even bother to get out of the pool for this. How crazy is that? So because Ryder wasn’t there, Ty and I each released a turtle and Lincoln released 4 more! Ty and Lincoln ended up swimming out with a few of the turtles and getting some amazing video. Again, never going to take these moments for granted, never did we expect this experience but it was truly special.

Afterwards, we had lunch by the pool for a final time. We all order from the kids menu because the food is so yummy and the portions are perfect. Lincoln and I wrapped up about 12:30 because I needed to print out some of the kids school work for the week, and he was hopping to get a gift that the staff said would be waiting at the front desk for him.

Ty and Ryder joined us about 1pm. The staff had delivered a personalized note to Ryder along with a sea turtle stuffy since she hadn’t joined us for the last turtle release. Amazing! Then Lincoln was given some Bali keychains and a shell bracelet. By 1:30 we were on our way to the Hilton hotel and sad our time at the Ritz was coming to an end.

We had to wait about 30 minutes to check in due to a shortage in staff, and lots of people checking in at the same time. They gave us a welcome drink that actually tasted like vinegar and chemicals. I think it’s the first time Ty and I have been so miserable by a welcome. In the end, the staff member was delightful and gave the kids a HUGE lollipop, much to their delight. Again, our room wasn’t ready so we took the kids to the Kids Club, because it was supposed to be really good here, face painting, rock wall, pool table… The Kids Club seemed really chaotic, full of kids, staff, and parents, plus it was a small space. So we promised to come back in 15 minutes. Lincoln really didn’t want to get left and miserable again. Ty and I walked around to check out the pool before we went back to get the kids.

Our room still wasn’t ready, so we found some chairs by the pool and were thankful we’d stayed in our swimsuits. The kids swam, and tried out the pool slide. It’s surprisingly really fast. This hotel is definitely a lot bigger, with a lot more families and guests. The pool area was extremely busy. We were getting tired and just ready to get into our room. Finally close to 4pm our room was ready. It’s a nice space, and we have a great view. The second bed option for a kid was a bit lacking. Ryder got the floor bed this time since Linc had it at the last hotel, and her’s is a bit piecemeal from outside patio cushions. But it works.

I needed some quiet downtime in the room after all that so we lounged in the room reading for about an hour. Then all of a sudden a monkey was walking across our balcony. It was so neat to see, but they were also being fed bread and junk from a nearby room so that’s kind of terrible too.

Ty and I went to the gym to burn some energy. It was sweltering in there! A quick stop at the adults only lounge. Ty got a few mocktails, while I enjoyed a few cocktails. Then back to the room where we had to convince Lincoln to come to dinner and not go to sleep at 6:30. He was kind of miserable through the entire dinner, hangry/tired is not a good combination. The food is ok here, nothing amazing, but not bad. Back to the room for a bit of quiet time, trying to have everyone stay up later than 8pm at this point. But really lights out by 8:30, and most everyone was out just after 9pm.

It wasn’t a bit travel day but anytime we have to transit from hotel to hotel there is a bit of a shake up. Tomorrow we have nothing planned so more down time is always welcome.

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  1. Sounds like it would have been nice to stay longer at the Ritz based on your first day’s experience at the Hilton. Anxious to see what second day there brings for you all. Love following your travels. Super great experiences for the kiddos.

    1. The Ritz was a special place and I’m so thankful we had our first few days there. So many more wonderful experiences have happened in the days following. Bali is a wonderful place and we’re trying our best to enjoy it all. Thanks so much for following along!

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