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Adventure Day 1: Bali, Indonesia

Well that 9pm bedtime got me, with a 5am wake up. Lincoln was already up before me as well! I have no idea what time he woke up but odds are he was asleep around 7pm so it’s not surprising. Ty woke up a while later and we finally woke Ryder up about 8am. I went and checked out the gym before breakfast. Why not when you’ve already been awake for several hours.

We were blown away by the breakfast buffet they offer. It has so many different stations, bread, fruit, yogurt and cereal, American/British hot dishes, Indian hot dishes, Indonesian, and a hot soup station. I honestly tried as many new things as I could. Lincoln grabbed a star fruit and was excited to have us all try it. So many different kinds of fruits to try here. It was probably one of our top two hotel breakfasts.

Another thing Ty and I commented on, and even Ryder has mentioned, is how nice every single one of the staff are. They appear to genuinely care, and show interest in how we’re doing, where we’re from, and to talk with us or offer a smile. It seems like Disney staff level of customer service.

After breakfast we brought the kids to the Kids Club. They were offering some games, and flower making we thought the kids might like. Ty and I headed to the pool for some quiet book reading time. It was beautiful and so hot already. Ty checked on the kids after an hour and it was a bit of a bust for both of them. Unfortunately the activities are mostly for smaller children. But I did end up with some beautiful paper flowers and Lincoln borrowed a kite so we could fly it on the beach.

The afternoon, went like this, pool time, followed by quiet reading/electronic time, beach time/kite flying, lunch by the pool, more time in the water, and more time in the shade.

Totem Pole!

We did notice some people being lead by a staff member with a small bucket down to the beach, so I assumed it was maybe sea turtles being released and sent Lincoln after them. I was right! Lincoln got to release a sea turtle. By the time I got down there, the two that were released were already swimming to the surf. The beach has a massive shallow area at low tide and the tide was going out so the turtles were doing great and we got to follow them for a long time. Lincoln named his Zoomy, and Ryder’s was Peanut. Felt like such a special event to be a part of.

Saying goodbye
We followed Zoomy all the way to the wave break.
Ryder made this amazing bouquet while Linc and I were still with the turtles.

We headed back to the rooms about 4pm for some much needed break from the sun and AC. I managed to finish my book, while the kids OD’d on their devices. We knew they were roasting marshmallows for s’more’s on the beach at 6pm so we showered up finally and headed back out.

Shirt inside out and backwards – check!

The kids were a little thrown by the type of graham cracker, the fact the chocolate was dark, and the marshmallows were different. Yes we are in a different country and things can be different, so that was an unexpected challenge for them.

We rallied with dinner by the beach in a restaurant for everyone. By 7:00 Lincoln was struggling to keep his head up so he just went an laid down in a nearby beach cabana and fell instantly asleep.

Nice dinner with kids…

It’s now 8pm Ryder and Ty are reading. I’m blogging for the day and overall it was a great low key day. Just like we how we prefer to start our vacations when this much jet lag is involved. Tomorrow should be low key but we’re moving hotels in the afternoon. Just down the beach to a Hilton, that’s supposed to have an amazing Kids Club, and we’ve been told they have camels to ride. Been there, done that, but never say never!

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