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Travel Day: Anchorage, AK USA to Bali, Indonesia

This actually took us close to 25 hours of actual flight time to go from Alaska to Bali. It’s a bit crazy how across the world we went this time. The nice thing was we didn’t leave Anchorage, until 11am on Friday. Which is a nice normal time to travel. My mom dropped us off, and we were ready to go with our individual carry on suitcases. It seems we’re one extreme or another, all carry on, or like 10 giant bags including skis.

The flight to Seattle was uneventful which was great. We grabbed some food, and hit up the Alaska lounge before boarding our flight to San Francisco. A few hours later we touched down in San Francisco without any issues. We walked the entire airport to get to the international terminals. No time for more food, and it was getting late. Everyone was melting down a bit at this point. We didn’t have too long to wait, maybe 30 minutes and we were boarding the dreaded long flight to Singapore. Fifteen hours and forty-five minutes! Insanity, but Ty managed to get us Premium Economy at least. So we had a foot rest and the seats reclined a bit more than usual. Really did make a difference.

Funny what kids want a picture with. Coffee making robot, sure!

We had dinner, and watched about 1 movie each before we turned out the lights. It was about 1am California time when we all went to sleep. I’m not sure if I’m getting better at it due to practice but I’m finally sleeping on planes. It’s never great sleep, but I know I slept for about 6 hours, Lincoln slept for 10. He’s always the best sleeper. Then it was time for breakfast, and a few more movies before we were touching down in Singapore.

Again, not much of a layover, you spend most of that time walking from one giant terminal to another. We finally boarded our last flight from Singapore to Bali. Another wonderfully uneventful flight. A very yummy breakfast, and a final movie. Lincoln had me watch Kong vs Godzilla. He was loving it on our last flight, and it was better than I expected. We landed and it was about 10am on Sunday. We actually lost an entire day due to time zones. Crazy!

We got off the plane, went through customs without any problems. Found our driver, and off we went to our first hotel. Ty is the wheeler-dealer of all things hotel points, free nights, and upgrade coupons. So we are spending our first two nights at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Nusa Dua. Our goals are to relax at the beach and pool and recuperate as much as we can for these two days.

Check in was a bit slow, as we were so early, so they showed us around the property and let us hang out in the lounge. It had air conditioning and cookies so everyone was happy. We finally got into our room and had to wait another 30 minutes for our luggage to be delivered. Trying to complain since we’re in paradise but after being in the same clothes for a day and half, traveling halfway around the world, we all just really wanted to change and freshen up. Felt amazing when we finally could! Straight into the swimsuits. Our focus was to get seats by the pool, jump in refresh and order food. Trying to avoid further hangry melt-downs.

Pool and food was the perfect afternoon pick me up! We all played for a bit, then the boys went to check out the kids club which has a water slide, video games, and a basketball hoop. While Ryder and I lounged at the pool. The staff then pointed out that some sea turtles were hatching!!! We raced over and I texted the boys. It was crazy to see the rehabilitation staff helping the babies out of the nest. We even got to touch one! Such an amazing experience.

70+ turtles from this one nest!

We lounged at the pool a bit more, then we all went to the Kids Club for some more fun. Then showers and relaxing in the room by 4pm. It’s been such a long few days of travel that I’ll be surprised if we can all stay up till 9 tonight but that’s the goal. Ty and I are going out to dinner, and the kids will have room service. No reason to try and expect super restaurant behavior when everyone will be so exhausted.

It’s an overwhelming amount of travel to get here. There was complaints and pushback along the way, but I know it’ll be another amazing experience for our family, and I can’t wait to see what Bali has to show us.

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