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Travel & Adventure Days: Alaskan Cruise

We decided to try something new, we’re cruising SE Alaska! We left out of Whittier (thanks Mom!) The first two days are just ship days. So we enjoy the endless food, the kids are pigging out on the ice cream, Lincoln has swam outside 2x and shocked half the boat, and we learned that walkie talkies are the best thing to have on a boat when you don’t pay for the wifi.

The kids have their own room joined to ours. It’s lovely to have separate space.

Vacation time!
Pickleball in the wind.
Pool time!
Checking out the glaciers
Captains Welcome Drink
Dinners by ourselves!

Day one was a success and day two was traveling through Glacier Bay. The kids enjoyed several hours at Kids Club with their own Park Ranger.

Slow breakfasts include Uno.
This kid 😆
You can take the kids to a glacier but you can’t make them enjoy it.
Beautiful views everywhere you look.

We finished the day with the boys going for a swim and playing with the boy Ryder that’s on this cruise. Our R and I went to a musical, then to a raffle at the jewelry shop. Before we dropped them off at kids club so Ty and I could have dinner. This cruise lifestyle is pretty good!

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