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Travel & Adventure Days: Alaskan Cruise

Our third day we arrived in Skagway. I haven’t been here since I was a little kid. Ty and the kids have never been here. So this was a fun new location and it was good to get off the boat. We got R up early enough so we could have breakfast in the restaurant. It’s slower than the buffet but the food is definitely better. Then we grabbed some raincoats, just incase and headed out to the town.

Our plan was to hike to Lower Dewey Lake (approx 3 miles) and then come back to the boat for lunch. Hopefully to head out again and see what the town has to offer. The hike started off with a bit of a climb up and this caused quite a lot of fussing and whining from a few of our younger members. But we persevered and were rewarded with a beautiful view at the reservoir.

Audiobooks are key to my kids happiness.
How cool is this carving L spied?!
Tolerating brother

A little bit more climbing and we made it to the lake. There happened to be two small plastic kayaks there, along with paddles, and life jackets. It looked like they were left by the cruise ships, so we jumped on this chance. L was out first and doing well, but then R got into the smaller craft, and it was instantly unstable. I thought for sure she was going in. Ty had L paddle back to the dock quickly, he jumped into the kayak (it nearly sank) then he quickly got out to R. He was pushing her back in when I noticed one end of her raft was submerging. She was sinking, and fast! Poor Ty was pushing her back as fast as he could while trying to paddle with one hand. They were doomed. She at least got near the shore before she was in up to her waist. Ty got a bit sunk as well, so overall it was a total bust. I put R in a dry shirt I was wearing but she was stuck in her wet pants and shoes. So we immediately had to turn around after we had just reached the lake.

Just before it all goes south! Looks so idyllic right?!

We ended up going directly back to the ship so Ty and R could change and warm up. We had some lunch and let everyone relax for a bit before we headed back to the town to shop. Tons of the exact same tourists shops. They’re either very fancy jewelry stores or tourists t-shirt and magnet shops. However, the good thing was all these jewelry shops offer a free charm or trinket. So she made out like a bandit! We walked two of the four streets, found a fun playground, and then the kids and I headed back to the ship while Ty went for a run. He wanted to complete that hike around the lake.

Look at Rs little tooth gap where her last baby tooth was pulled 😍
Would you know we’re on a bench where there are seats for everyone?
Found an awesome playground!
Mom take our picture!

Turns out he ran like 10 miles and twisted his ankle pretty bad on the way back. For a few moments he wasn’t sure he could put any weight on it. But it got better after a bit, to the point he was able to get back on his own. We fed the kids and sent them to kids club while Ty and I went and had dinner by ourselves in the restaurant. It’s such a nice treat for everyone. Enjoying the cruise lifestyle while we can. It’s off to Juneau tomorrow!

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