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Adventure Day: Tokyo, Japan

It’s DisneySea today! We woke up at 7am. Ty immediately went down to the Disney ticket desk to get our tickets. Thankfully he did! We got dressed, and headed to breakfast. It was a huge buffet, and it even had an ice cream bar!

Then we grabbed some umbrellas from the hotel, because what’s a day at Disney for us without some forecasted rain. The stop for the monorail is literally across the street from the hotel, and we were off.

Ryder was over the moon excited. Lincoln less so because the ride we all really wanted, Indiana Jones, was closed. Womp Womp!

You can take a kid to Disney but you can’t make them have fun.

Ty got us fast passes to Soaring, which usually has a wait over 2 hours! He had to buy the passes for an extra $60. But we thought that was something you could use again and again. Apparently they’ve changed the system here, since you had to pay for a fast pass every time you wanted one. That was unexpected, so Soaring was the only one we bought. Our first ride was Journey to the Center of the Earth, and our longest wait time of the day, 45 minutes.

I was starting to get really cold by this point!

The rain held off till late afternoon which was good. But it got cold early on. I just couldn’t get warm. So we tried to do a few indoor shows after every outdoor ride just so I could warm up a bit.

The kids definitely had up and down moments. Not being able to get cotton candy at this park (apparently it’s just not sold here), extremely tired legs and feet, Lincoln eating there different types of hot dogs, ice cream and popcorn, but melting down over not getting a churro at the end of the day because they were all closed, getting separated from Ryder for 10 minutes, her manic excitement over being at Disney to her total exhaustion by the end of the day. Ty would have kept going, but I was freezing, Lincoln was cold and tired, Ryder was just exhausted, and so we made the decision to call it a night.

These hilarious hats are very popular at this park.

We walked all over Disney 10+miles this day. From 8am till 8:30pm! We left in time to watch the fireworks from the hotel lounge, hoping to get some last food before bed. However, all the food was packed away already. So we enjoyed 5 minutes of fireworks and went to tuck ourselves into bed. Everyone was exhausted.

Disney was good, but I’m tired of it always being cold and rainy when we go. So in another 3 years when I’m up for it again, let it be somewhere warm! 🙂 We leave for home tomorrow evening, and everyone is totally ready.

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