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Travel Day: Hakuba to Tokyo, Japan

Sleep was a bit up and down. Lincoln and I were up about 5:30, tried to get him back to sleep and didn’t get back to sleep myself till 7 and slept till 8:30. Thank goodness for that extra time. Today’s the day, we’re driving to Tokyo!

We paid the expense and just went on the toll road the whole time. Left about 10:30 and finally got to our hotel just outside of Tokyo Disney at 2:30. Not bad considering it took us 6 hours to drive up to Hakuba.

How do you even interpret this one?!
Numerous confusing road signs. Thank goodness for GPS.

We get to the hotel and we’re starving. However, the wait to check in takes over 45 minutes just to get to a front desk staff. Ugh, that’s just life sometimes. But once we got checked in they had some awesome benefits, like free ice cream for the kids and an amazing lounge open at 4pm. So we checked out the room and then played at this arcade in the hotel. Basically training our kids to gamble at an early age!

Does this make sense?!
Big Winner!

We went to the lounge about 5pm, and it was incredible! Make your own soup station, cheese and veggies, hot cooked items, and so many yummy desserts and drinks. They limit everyone to 60 minutes, because it’s so popular. It was more than adequate for dinner.

Afterwards Ty spent nearly an hour trying to buy our tickets for Disney the next day. Major issues with their website made it impossible. So we left it for tomorrow and headed to the pool. They require mesh swim caps for everyone entering the pool. This was not agreeable to Lincoln. Who knows why, so he was out pretty early. I preferred the onsens in the women’s locker room to the pool. So Ty and Ryder played and had a good time, while Lincoln and I peaced out early.

We checked out the video arcade again before heading up to the room. Trying to get everyone to sleep at a reasonable time so we can get an early start for tomorrow. We hope to be at the gates when they open, that’s apparently how you get onto the good rides. Ty’s in charge of rides and fast passes, I’ve researched the food to eat. Fingers crossed, it’ll be a good day despite the rain!

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