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Adventure Day: Hakuba, Japan

We slept in till about 7, Ryder of course had to be woken up before we went to breakfast. Her and her teenage sleep needs! We planned to go ski at Tsugaike ski resort. It was a bit off the bus route so Ty drove us in the van.

The resort was definitely a bit of a maze to find but we did, and walked right up to the gondola.

We hit this big switch back green run from the top to the bottom. It was long, and very, very, flat. We joked that it should have been a XC ski trail and not a alpine ski trail. But Ryder was gaining confidence, and Lincoln liked when I would whip him forward using my poles.

It was an overcast day, but warm, in the 40s. After the green run, Ryder conquered a red. So much so, she even asked to go on it again!

He’s so speedy, it’s hard to catch his photo.

We took the green run down to the middle of the mountain and had some lunch. The kids shared some pasta carbonara, which was a huge hit. Ty had some lack luster pork, rice, and always a curry gravy. I wasn’t that hungry so ended up with two pieces of fried chicken.

After lunch we went down to the base and did some runs on this huge, flat, green run. We really had Ryder focus on her technique and racing dad helped. She’s so improved, and has so much more confidence. Lincoln was just trying to find all the jumps on the side of the trail like always.

The boys are behind us.

We were getting tired, and the weather was getting colder, so we called it a day after 2pm. We checked out a few different sports stores, trying to find some local swag. No luck. We hit up the grocery store for some local goodies, and headed back to the hotel. This was when Ty hit me with the crazy idea of cutting our time in Hakuba short. The weather is supposed to be rainy tomorrow, not good for skiing, obviously. So he brainstormed the idea of heading to Tokyo and spending our last two days there! He talked to the hotel, they’re fine with it. Did some quick research on hotels near Tokyo Disneyland, and we have a change in plans!

We’re going to Tokyo DisneySea for a day! We will take tomorrow to drive to Tokyo and explore the town a bit. We did it three years ago so we’ll see what we can find. Then the next day we will go to Tokyo DisneySea!!

The kids are stoked, especially Ryder! 🙂 The snow conditions in Hakuba weren’t what Ty was hoping for, so we will just have to come back another time. I’m totally fine with this because skiing 4 days in a row is plenty for me.

So we’re madly packing all our ski gear now. Reorganizing all our stuff down to two carry on suitcases. We’re always up for a packing challenge. It took us about an hour and we were all set. Dinner at the lounge like usual, and then off to bed.

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