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Travel Day: Tokyo to Hakuba, Japan

We all slept pretty great on our ‘futon’ beds. Ryder even ended up halfway into the closet.

Breakfast at the hotel was good. There were dividers between every seat and you were provided with gloves before you served yourself. Makes sense with the outbreaks they’ve been having.

Not exactly one size fits all on the gloves 🙂

Then we got ourselves packed back up. It felt good to get some fresh clothes on, even if they were warm pants and sweatshirts. Ty decided that the easiest way to get the rental car was for all of us to go back to the airport on the bus, then catch the rental car shuttle from there. It was a bit much logistically with all our gear but we knew there would be times like this.

Just get in already, it’s so much stuff!

We got our van and fit all our stuff in it, without too much fuss. The staff member who picked us up and helped us pack the van was like a cartoon character. He kept squeaking, and chirping at us. He couldn’t lift the ski bags on his own. It was just really funny. It took a bit of Google Translate, GPS in the car, and Maps Me, but between the three of them we were on our way to Hakuba Valley! It was estimated between 4-11 hours depending on which roads we drove on. Initially we didn’t want to spend the $65 in tolls but we realized after an hour and our time only reducing by 15 minutes we better just go for the toll/expressway roads.

Ryder fell asleep pretty quickly and passed out for 3 hours! Which is great because sometimes she gets a bit queasy in the car. We had grand plans to stop at an outlet mall for lunch that was recommended. But our map led us off course so that was an irritating loss of time. Instead we grabbed lunch at a Lawson, which is like a 7-11, quick mart. But the food selection is amazing at these. We loved them last time we were in Japan.

So much electronic time.

Other than the lunch snafu, we made it to Hakuba after about 6 hours of driving. Rolling in around 5pm, to beautiful, wet snow coming down. We hauled all our suitcases, and ski bags into our hotel room and Ty and I got to organizing while the kids figured out the room situation. I really don’t think it’s meant to be slept in but this cabinet is Lincoln’s bed. The top is what they call the “kids club” and Ryder likes to hang out there during the day.

Behind me in this bottom photo are two twin beds, that Ty and I have to ourselves. Nice to have some space to spread out a bit, and really nice that we’re here for 7 nights!

We checked out the lounge for some snacks and drinks, a bit limited for Ty and the kids, but a free alcoholic drink is always appreciated for myself. Then Ty and I drove to the grocery store to get a few items for snacks and to make sandwiches for skiing tomorrow.

Back to the hotel for futons or cabinet beds. Then quiet relaxing for Ty and I.

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