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Travel Day: El Nido, Philippines to Tokyo, Japan

Because why not have a beach vacation and a skiing vacation in two completely different foreign countries in one vacation?! Who but my husband would come up with such a crazy idea. Also I’m foolish enough to say sure, let’s go for it.

We had an early morning in El Nido, but never fear it was right after the generator kicked back on so we were all up by 5:45am. Had one last good breakfast at the hotel before we piled into our two tricycles and headed to the airport.

First one to get the bags! 🙂

It was a short flight over to Manila. We grabbed our bags, and had to take a taxi over to the international departures terminal. We waited there for about an hour for our original Manila hotel to bring our ski bags, and two large suitcases full of helmets, boots, and winter clothes. They had stored them for us while we island hopped. So our suitcase total was back up to 8 bags!

We waited another hour or so for the JAL agents to open up our flight. Checked in and we were happy to get rid of all those bags. Off to the lounge we went. Another two hours of waiting, charging devices, and updating everything online. Then Ty and I were up in business class while the kids were stuck in economy. We paid for the upgrade for all of us but they just didn’t have enough seats available. Gosh darn it, if it isn’t nice the kids are old enough to sit on their own for a 4 hour flight!

This felt so luxurious after the last week and a half of more basic living.

Unfortunately Ty wasn’t feeling so great, so he didn’t eat much, was chilled and tried to sleep most of the flight. Which he was able to lay down and do! Also unfortunately, Ryder wasn’t feeling so great. Lots of tummy trouble and nausea. So she kept coming up to my seat. Finally the flight attendant was telling me I couldn’t switch with her, and I think they didn’t want her in the way. So I hung out with her in the bathroom for a bit. Gave her something for her headache and a bread roll that I had with my dinner. This seemed to help so she was able to relax for the last 2 hours. Lincoln did just fine, and was stoked he got more free headphones. The kid has like 7 sets now!

The flight was late leaving the Philippines so we didn’t get into Narita till almost 9pm. They are being extremely careful about checking temperatures, and Covid vaccinations. A staff member told us they had 500k cases the day before. But we’re happy with whatever precautions they take so that helps keep us safe. We finally got our luggage and made it out to the hotel bus.

Ty had book a room that said sleeps 4 on futons, but it had no pictures. Well this is apparently what they call a futon in Japan!

It was a bit of a shock at first since we were all looking forward to a really nice sleep in nice beds after our last hotel. But in the end, honestly they were quite cozy and comfortable.

Again, Ty wasn’t feeling well still so he decided to take a hot bath before bed. Smallest. Tub. Ever!

Just around 10pm and everyone was asleep. I was wearing the heated eye mask they put out as a sleep aid! It was glorious, and it feels so good to be back in Japan, the land of all the unnecessary but wonderful conveniences!

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