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Adventure Day: El Nido, Philippines

We slept in! Well not really, since the generator going back on at 6am woke us up, but there was no reason for us to get up. So we lounged in bed for a while before having a yummy breakfast at the hotel. We decided to rent scooters, drive the island a bit and go to this amazing beach Ty found. This allowed us to explore at our own place, and we found that we had loved the scooters when we did this in Bora Bora.

The drive was fun and the roads got interesting when we turned off towards Napcan beach. We paid to rent one covered chair when we were there and Lincoln finally got to try drinking out of a coconut. He’s been asking us for the last several trips but it just hasn’t worked out. Not a big surprise but he actually didn’t like the taste! 🙂

Lincoln and I played in the water for a while and tried body surfing. Ty had a headache so he was sleeping on the chair and Ryder was trying to embroider my name on a bag.

We made a sand pyramid of course.

I convinced Ryder to get in the water for a bit and body surf with us. The water was just how I like it, warm without any rocks, coral, or seaweed at the bottom.

I wanted to walk the beach so Ty joined me and it was just so beautiful, and clear. It was exactly how I wanted our last day in the Philippines to go. Warmth, and without a bunch of crowds (such curmudgeons aren’t we?)

The kids were starting to get hungry and we were low on cash so we went back to the scoooters to try and find a large-ish hotel. Since they’ll typically accept credit cards. Lucky for us there was one just down the road. Ty was really starting to melt down at this point. He has a headache and a head cold. Ryder saw a few stray dogs, which are really prevalent in this area, and it tugged at her little animal loving heart. So we struggled through lunch a bit. Lincoln and I however, really enjoyed a wood fired pizza. Ryder perked up a bit at the end when we fed my leftovers to the local dogs.

Broken hearted + a kid that finally decided to eat
Suffering through the day
Happier feeding some friends

After lunch our main goal was to get Ty back to the hotel and to bed. He said he was just feeling woozy. So we drove back as safely as we could. I had Lincoln with me and we had the best talk about what we could do to improve the world, how to start small and strive for larger things. Then we came up with a great new energy creating device. I loved our time.

We got Ty back to the hotel safe and sound. Got him some more medicine and everyone had a bit of down time out of the sun. By 5pm it was time to get out and ride the scooters the other way on the road. No one was really hungry still so we just drove to see what we could see. It started to get late, and the sun was setting so we turned around.

Quick stop at this beautiful view point.
We’re such goobers

We found a nearby hotel that would take credit cards. Ty and the kids ordered some food but I still wasn’t hungry. The chicken fingers were so-so, but the big hit was that Lincoln was finally able to get himself a Shirley Temple. He’s been craving them as his special travel drink since I introduced them to him at a lounge.

He’s happy I swear 🙂

A drive home in the dark which was challenging but fun. Then we showered everyone and packed up for our early flight out of the Philippines tomorrow. It’s been an adventure but we’re ready for the next chapter of this trip, Japan!

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