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Travel Day: Coron to El Nido, Philippines

Lincoln and I slept for 10 hours last night! It felt so good. I’m on the mend but unfortunately the first thing he did upon waking up was go throw up. Womp womp! So back to bed he went while Ty, Ryder, and I got breakfast.

No way I ate even half of this.

Then we decided to walk across the street to the ‘super market’ and see if they had any Gatorade and pepto bismol. Well they had two shelves of things but one happened to be Gatorade. So we at least got that. Then we hired a tricycle (aka Tuk Tuk) to take us into town so we could located a pharmacy.

This is a tricycle

No one has any idea what pepto bismol is but finally someone offers some anti-nauseous medicine that’s ok for kids. So we grab that an head back to Lincoln.

Give him some medicine, he falls asleep and we’re supposed to be out of our room in less than an hour. So we beg the front desk staff to let us stay till 1pm in just that one room, for my sick sleeping kiddo. Thank goodness they take pity on us and let us keep the room. Ty, Ryder, and I suit up and head to the pool to let Lincoln sleep. We have an hour before we need to check out and catch our shuttle to the airport.

Shuttle to the airport is fine. Flight to El Nido is short like 30-40 minutes. It goes smoothly. Lincoln thinks the medicine is helping, and he’s eaten some saltine crackers at this point! We catch two tricycles out of the airport to our hotel, since we couldn’t fit 4 people and 4 carry on bags in one. It’s quite the ride, loud, slow, and lots of smells.

We arrived at our hotel about 4:30 and take a bit to relax and enjoy the air conditioned room. Then we take the 5 minute walk to the beach where all the restaurants are. It’s a lot. A lot of people walking around, driving scooters, and tricycles. A lot of noise from people talking, engines, and music blasting. It’s a total sensory overload. We give up on the place we were looking for an stumble into an Indian restaurant. It’s not good. Butter chicken tasted like sweet Campbells Tomato soup. But Ryder enjoyed it, and even Lincoln ate some. Ty had turned a bad corner by this point. His stomach was not happy, so he ate nothing.

We walked home, mostly carrying Lincoln because he was so weak and exhausted. Ty almost immediately throws up when we get to our room. I get the kids tucked into bed, and thus starts the longest night of our trip.

Lincoln falls asleep pretty quickly. Lucky kid. Ryder and I are stuck listening to Ty vomit several times, in the bathroom in our room. Our room is also right outside the giant generator which is used to power our hotel. That is until the city turns the power off from 2am-6am. The room is cold but I can’t seem to figure out the AC, so the single sheet, and single ply fleece blankets aren’t cutting it. I have my scarf thrown over me as well. Ty has fever chills and apparently doesn’t have a single long sleeve item with him, so he’s huddled in his pants and Ryder’s scarf. Alternating between lying on the bathroom floor where it’s warmer because there’s no AC or laying in his bed and freezing.

I think around midnight I remember to give him the anti-nauseous medicine. I wake up to sounds of “intestinal distress” just before 2am and give him those meds. But he’s moaning, and shaking, and deep breathing through what he’s got going on. Ryder starts yelling at us to lay still because we make too much noise when we move in bed. Lincoln’s awake now too. Then I realize what time it is and boom at 2am, the generator goes silent and the AC goes off. We have lost power.

Lucky us, with the generator off we can now hear the neighborhood dogs nonstop barking. The room slowly turns from an ice box into a sweat box. Will this night never end?! I’m questioning all life decision that led to this moment. It’s a very long time before I fall asleep again…

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