Travel Day: Cebu to Coron (take 2)

Ty and I started the day off early thanks to the neighborhood roosters. Ugh off and on since about 4am and then constant from 6am on. Ty found out that the day tour he thought he booked for today was actually for tomorrow. So we had no plans. This led him to look into flights again, and he realized there was a flight from Cebu to Coron today! The exact flight we had cancelled on us the day before. He was able to change our tickets from three days later to today! It appeared that several flights were still being cancelled but even better flights were making it out. So we had reservations for our original destination, just one day later, but we were hopeful!

Breakfast in the hotel, packing up and back to the airport on the 10am hotel shuttle. We got checked in just fine, no one was reporting any issues. So we went to wait by our gate. The flight stayed on the board as scheduled and by noon we were being bussed to our plane! It was a great feeling after all the stress and uncertainty of the last 24 hours.

This guy was pumped!
We made it!

The hour and a half flight was a great bit of down time before we landed in Busuanga. The drive to Coron took about 20 minutes and was beautiful. The hotel is wonderful, they upgraded us to two huge rooms since our original was under construction. We don’t have to share a room with the kids, awesome! It has three different pools as well.

We decided to just get some lunch at the hotel, right after we arrived at 2:30. Then we all hit the pool for some fun. It was what we needed.

After showers, we took a tuktuk hybrid into town with one goal in mind, pizza! Locals pointed us to Sharky’s and it was perfect. The kids had gelato after dinner and we had them snugged in bed by 8pm. A quick 30 minutes later and we had our in room massages. When they cost $12 for an hour, and they come to you hotel room, we’re suckers for a massage!

This kid is dying for a Shirley Temple, and no one has cherry juice.

Today was a good day which was what we needed. Here’s hoping this trip is on a upward swing again.

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