Adventure Days · Philippines

Adventure Day: Coron, Philippines

The trip roller coaster continues:

We woke up to Lincoln telling us he vomited 4x in the night. The plan for today was to go out on another all day cruise for some more snorkeling. However, it doesn’t look like Lincoln should go. Then it hits me, ‘intestinal distress’ and I’m not going anywhere outside of my hotel room either. Combine this with the fact Ryder seems congested and we decide Ty will go on the cruise and the sickies will stay home today.

It’s pouring rain out this morning, I’m not feeling too bad about not being out on a boat all day in this weather. Poor Linc is miserable most of the day, can’t eat anything, nothing stays down longer than 2 hours. I get the full body aches, and chills. Try to go to the cafe to help Ryder order some food and I have to rush back to the room. We’re not a pretty site today.

I start to improve around 3pm. Linc’s vomiting slows down a bit, he goes 3 hours, then 4 in between sessions. Ty finally gets back home, from the longest cruise ever at 7. He said it was good, just super slow. He left the hotel at 8 but between waiting on other passengers they didn’t actually leave on the boat till 10:30. They went so far out that they actually turned around to come home at 4:30 and it took them till 7 to make it back. So ups and downs for him as well.

Ryder did a good job ordering our room service and trying to help Lincoln and I as best she could. We really just needed to lay helplessly for most of the day. Linc got a good nap, and then after a touch of dinner, dry toast for me, a few bites of chicken and potatoes for him. We both were asleep by 9pm.

Here’s to hoping this was a 24 hour bug.

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