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Adventure Day 6 & 7: Bora Bora

Day 6 week woke up to it pounding rain. It lasted all day! So not much actually happened this day. It was very much a laze around, read, get schoolwork done, and watch shows kind of day. Which was ok, not bad to happen at this point in the trip. But I hope it doesn’t last!

Day 7: SUNSHINE! So thankful the rain went away and we woke up to an absolutely beautiful last day at the Conrad. We packed up our stuff, including all shell treasures, woven palm leaf hats, and coconut pets. We enjoyed one last breakfast at the Conrad before we waited for our boat taxi to arrive.

Bye bungalow!

Ty had arranged it with a third party boat to save about half the costs. However, after we sat there for about 20 minutes before the staff started calling the company and trying to figure out what was going on for us. They were so apologetic about the fact the company that we booked hadn’t shown up yet. They had nothing to do with it! Yet, they found out that the boat motor wasn’t working, they agreed to shuttle us to our next hotel with the Conrad boat. These fancy hotels really go above and beyond to make the stay as amazing as they can. They sent us off with staff waving and playing a song on the drum and ukulele. Crazy nice!

After about a 20 minute boat ride we arrived for our last two nights at the St. Regis hotel. We’re not in an overwater bungalow this time and so everyone was a bit worried it wouldn’t be as nice. However, this room is huge, and we have our own pool! They gave the kids great welcome bags, that include a hook necklace, a whale stuffy, and a slap bracelet so they can get free ice cream at the restaurant whenever they want! We are all pretty excited about these last few days. They welcomed us adults with champagne, sparkling cider, fresh fruit, and brownies. Mmmm-

We enjoyed our private pool for a while before we cycled around to the lagoon. They had some good size tuna, and a huge Napoleon fish. We even convinced Ryder to get in and check it out for a bit. The kids got some more ice cream and played in the pool, before we cleaned up for dinner. Our first one out of the trip, and we were all excited for some sushi!

Dinner was a bit stressful since it was later than we were used to. Everyone was feeling a bit fussy, and hungry. We made it through dinner, and Linc and I were so tired. He didn’t even want an additional ice cream. We had a tired ride back to the room, where we tucked everyone in bed, and I was asleep before 10pm.

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