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Adventure Day 5: Bora Bora

The title is getting a bit repetitive, I know…

Nothing big planned today. Just another day of sleeping in, getting homework done, amazing food at breakfast.

The usual. After breakfast our big plan was to get Ryder in the pool, and it worked! For about 20 minutes till we had our morning education on how to open a coconut. This is always Linc’s big goal so we were glad the hotel was going to show us how. Basically, it’s a lot of work!

After that it started to rain so we headed back to the room for more homework. The kids both went to kids club about 1 for a few hours and Ty and I just relaxed together. We had great plans to go snorkeling but it was really, really windy and overcast. So we watched some shows instead.

We got the kids and decided no matter the weather we were going to get them out snorkeling. If we’re going to be wet, we’re in the water and it doesn’t matter. I’m so glad we did. Ryder didn’t love the ocean but she was totally happy in the pool and finally conquered diving! I was collecting shells on the beach when a black tipped reef shark swam right up to me. I called for the kids so they could see it, and we played around with it for a bit. It was about the size of a salmon and it would come up about 12 inches from the shore line. Such a fun experience.

We stayed out in the rain in the pool till after 6pm, then Ty and I were getting cold. Back to the hotel room, for dinner, history reading, and warm showers. The weather is supposed to be rainy all day tomorrow so we shall see what we will actually do tomorrow.

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