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Adventure Day 4: Bora Bora

Today was a stay on the property day for us. Wonderfully low key! We relaxed in the morning, we’ve been enjoying our own quiet time. Ty reads, or gets work done. I’m usually trying to update the blog or photobooks, and the kids get some kindle time. We also do a bit of schoolwork in the morning if we can get away with it. It’s been really nice to have no timelines. Nothing to rush to in the morning, not ripping out of bed, or having anyone requesting ‘special breakfasts’. This is a big part of why we try and vacation so much I think. Our daily lives are so full it’s hard to slow down when we’re at home. But on vacation we all can finally relax and slow down.

Breakfast was great, and then afterwards we signed up for the class on making hats from coconut leaves. It was way more intense than we imagined and took Ty and I about an hour to complete ours. It was a bit too complicated for the kids to accomplish, but they enjoyed our efforts.

Linc always!
When your kids take photos…

After the hats we had the kids do some school work, and then Ty and Linc snorkeled around the property while Ryder and I played some cards. Everyone had some lunch and then Ryder requested to go to the kids club, with her homework, to avoid snorkeling! It’s boggling to Ty and I but we’re thankful she has somewhere to go that she’s happy and supervised. I’m hoping we can get her in the water tomorrow. She’s usually a total mermaid!

I dropped Ryder off and Ty, Linc, and I snorkeled around the property. They’ve put so much work into cultivating coral beds and creating beautiful areas for the fish, clams, and anemone to live. This is the most diverse snorkeling I have ever done.

Ryder enjoying her AC and crafts.

Linc got tired after a bit, because he doesn’t want to use a snorkel mask or fins, so he’s free diving and working twice as hard as Ty and I. It’s impressive how long he can last like that! So he went up to the pool while Ty and I finished swimming around some of the bungalows. We joined him after and I tried to go get Ryder but she requested another half hour to finish her crafting. I had a class I did zoom with at 5pm, and Ty and the kids went to listen to a presentation about the local manta rays. We ended the day with some family pool, history reading, and poem recitations (practicing for school, not something we’d normally do on our own!). It was another beautiful and relaxing day in Bora Bora.

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