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Adventure Day 3: Bora Bora

Scooter Day!

It’s Sunday so we got up early, packed up some backpacks with towels, swimsuits and snacks so we could have breakfast before catch the 8:30 shuttle to the main pier. I wanted us to attend mass on the island, and it started at 9:30. We knew our plan to attend church gave us the excuse to be on the main island, so we decided to make the most of our time there by staying a while and renting scooters to drive around the island.

Our walk to breakfast

The church was beautiful, and the singing was impressive compared to our quiet and reserved choirs back home. My kids also thought they were being tortured for having to stay for the full mass. Granted it was all in French so it’s hard to stay engaged, when we had no idea what the readings or the gospel were. After mass we hit the road. Our goal was to drive around the island and see what sights we could see along the way.

Studying our route
Prechurch photo
Beautiful stain glass inside
Post church snack of course
Lincs glasses crack me up!
These really were so fun to drive!

We made it to a location where some WWII cannons are located. It’s a 10 minute hike off the road. But it was quite steep and the hottest part of the day. Ryder was miserable, and she decided to let all of us know it. Real life… so we trudged along to the guns. Then kept going down to the beach. Ty, Linc, and I went snorkeling which was again amazing, and felt so refreshing and cool. However, Ryder wasn’t interested so she sat in the shade, listening to an audiobook and looking at pictures of our animals. I think the quiet alone time helped in the end.

So miserably hot but worth it for these views!
Always down for a swim!
This felt so good.
Walking back, somewhat more refreshed and ready for lunch.

Lunch was a small shack on the side of the road. The food was delicious. The kids has burgers and fries, white Ty and I had fish sandwiches. The best was we ordered Oreo milkshakes as a treat. It was literally milk blended with Oreos. Different but not bad. after lunch we scootered around the island further and came to a large public beach. Again Ryder was happy by the shore in the shade so the three of refreshed ourselves again.

We finished up our ride by filling up both scooters with $5 of gas for our days driving! Then Ty and the kids got a gas station ice cream.

We tried to shop a bit. We did get a Christmas ornament which we love to do when traveling. But everything else was hundreds to thousands!

We caught our ferry at 4:30 back to our hotel. Everyone relaxed in the room, enjoying the AC and down time. We had another quiet dinner in our room and ended the night with card games and stuffy shows.

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