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Adventure Day 2: Bora Bora

Today was our first day without any plans. We wanted to sleep in, check out the pool, the beach, and try out some of the free equipment they offer, like paddle boards, and kayaks. The kids relaxed for a bit in bed. Ty enjoyed the hammocks on the deck, while I was able to blog with this lovely view. After a bit it was off to breakfast, which was incredible again.

Then we forced the kids to change into swimsuits and headed to the pool. A lot of grumbling about lack of electronics and wanting to just stay in the room at this point. Linc and Ty had snagged a bungalow for us. They zipped off to go kayaking around, so I had Ryder do some homework while we lounged. It was pretty fantastic.

Ryder and I attempted a turn with the kayaks but it wasn’t her thing. So I dropped her off and headed around to explore on my own. This property is something else. Around noon we headed back to the room for some lunch. Then we made a deal with the kids, they would go to the kids club for about an hour and a half. Ryder wanted to make some more shell crafts there, Linc wasn’t excited about going but he has a new lego set, so he brought that to work on. Ty and I were looking forward to a bit of time away from the kids. They’re good travelers but they’re kids, so it feels like a luxury to get some space.

After kids club we settled everyone down to get some school work completed. Just because we’re in a magical location doesn’t mean real life stops. So that took a few hours and we ate some camping meals for dinner. Ty found out there was to be a fire show and traditional music at the reception area starting at 6pm. We wrapped up our work and biked over for the show.

The show was neat, the weather was so comfortable to just sit out at night. We biked home, and played some card games till it was time for bed. It was a good, nothing planned day in paradise!

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