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Adventure Day 1: Bora Bora

Ty does such a good job researching all the activities in an area and for this trip he came across the option to rent a boat and driving ourselves around the island. It required a bit of prep on his part, he completed a 4 hour boat license training online so he could upgrade to the ‘bigger’ 20 horse power engine. Which turned out to be very worth it as it was quite windy. The only day the larger pontoon boat that we wanted was available was our first full day in Bora Bora, so we went for it.

Everyone woke up about 6am and relaxed for a bit. We packed food and sandwiches for lunches, along with waters, our snorkel gear, and towels. Felt like we were schlepping quite a bit of gear but we used it all. Breakfast at the hotel (which is included!) is AMAZING! Then we caught the 8:30 ferry boat over to the islands pier. From here our boat company picked us up and took us to their office. We got checked in and walked to our boat, which we had for the next 6 hours.

We did the route in yellow going around the left side of the island first.
We can’t get over the beauty of this place.
Linc was dying to get in so we pulled over not long after starting just to see what we could see.
Ryder wasn’t ready to get in the water yet.

Some more superb captain’ing and we traveled to a sand bank to explore.

Ryder still wasn’t ready to get in yet, she was more into getting a good boat nap.

We traveled around the island a bit more. Stopping here and there when we saw some coral.

We convinced Ryder to get in and see the clams. I’ve never seen them in colors like this before.

We explored a white sand beach. I found some shells and Linc was trying to open a few coconuts.

It was so wonderful doing this on our own, and not having anyone else’s timeline.

After the beach we headed to our last stop, an area called the coral garden. It was incredible snorkeling! I’ve never seen anything like it before. The fish were incredible and so varied. The clams, sea anemone, and coral were beautiful. The water was so clear and warm. All combined to make an unbelievable experience. It was a great way to end our day.

We dropped off the boat and they drove us back to the main pier. We shopped briefly but everything is outrageously expensive. Except for the $5 knock off pearl bracelet we found Ryder. We caught our ferry back to our hotel and everyone was happy to get back to our room, relax, and eat some dinner. It was only 5pm but we were so tired from a day on the water and in the sun. A few of us have some pink skin, and it felt great just to have some quiet time. Ty and the kids played some cards, we did some school work, and I got started on the blog. A nice way to end a beautiful day.

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