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Adventure Day: Stuttgart, Germany

Well the day started off good. Aside from R still being sick of course. Breakfast at the hotel was ok, got the job done. The day was beautiful, blue skies and hot! First order of business was to check out the playground that’s right outside our hotel window.

Those rings are SO high!
Then a nearby fountain to help the kids cool off.

We took the subway to the Porsche Museum. It had great reviews and this was Ty’s one big ask for this trip. He really does love a Porsche. I was excited because they were supposed to have a special kids booklet and audio guide. Well we got there, and they were out of the kids booklets. The kids audioguides seemed no different from my own. There wasn’t a great flow to the place either, it was very much just a wander around and look, no touching. Ryder got hit with the sickness exhaustion while we were there, so she just found a spot for herself to sit and wait for us. L and I went and watched all the videos we could find. Ty just tried to get through it quickly for us. I felt bad it wasn’t quite what we had all hoped for.

She went downhill from here.

On the walk back to the subway we realized it would be best for R to just hang at the hotel today. So we made a plan for a quick lunch at the mall next to our hotel.

The way smart cars can ‘parallel’ park cracks me up!
Telling stories on the train.

We all rested with R in the hotel for a while, hoping she’d get some sleep. But after an hour or so it was clear, I was just getting bored, L was dying to get on a device, and R wasn’t going to sleep with us all there. So we decided to leave her at the hotel and continue on with our day’s plan, to check out a children’s museum. I left my phone with her and we would check in on her when we found WiFi. I was nervous about it, but it was totally fine.

He posed himself, and his sunglasses this way. This kid just cracks me up. It was fun to have some one on one time.
The museum was located in this incredible old building.

I had heard about the Junges Schloss, children’s museum and it was toted as teaching kids regional history through a hands on approach. Well it was a dress up shop with a few arts and crafts thrown in there. Hmmm- not what we had hoped for. We’ve been to some awesome kids museums so of course this was disappointing. On the bright side, we got some good one on one time with L and R got some alone time which I know she enjoys.

Making it work!

We made our way back to the hotel after this. R had done just fine. She tried to nap, listened to an audiobook, played with some make up, and sewed a button onto her shirt from the free hotel sewing kit. 😉

More lounging commenced, we sat around and L played a new video game he got, R played Pokémon Go, and Ty and I watched some shows. It was the most boring, and relaxed afternoon we’ve had this entire trip. I think it’s a sign it’s time to go home!

We headed back to the mall food court for dinner. It was CRAZY busy! Every restaurant had a line, R’s burger took like 15 minutes. It’s apparently the place to be on a Friday night. The original plan for the evening was to keep the kids up late for a special Queen laser/light show at the Planetarium. However, with R being sick we’re keeping her in as much as possible. So Ty and L went off on their own after dinner. R and I had a quiet night at the hotel, in which she wouldn’t fall asleep. Too much resting perhaps…

The boys said the show was ok. They didn’t play many of their big hits, and L thought it was pretty loud.

It was our most ho-hum day of traveling ever! Nothing was terrible at least, but nothing was really good. Guess that’ll make us appreciate the good days a bit more. Tomorrow we leave Stuttgart in the evening and start making our journey home.

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