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Travel Day: Salzburg, Austria to Stuttgart, Germany

Today was going to be a long travel day. We were going to be on 4 different trains going from Salzburg to Stuttgart, but first we made time to play a bit first.

Also R woke up sounding pretty stuffed up and congested. Thankfully it was mostly morning junk and after a bit of time up right and a lot of Kleenex she’s sounding better.

We did test her, and thank goodness it’s not Covid!

We scampered off after breakfast to do some final shopping that we were too tired for the day before. We got ourselves a local ornament and I got a beautiful blown glass nativity. Then a quick grab of our swim gear at the hotel and we walked right next door to this awesome indoor swimming pool.

Again the entering point and figuring out the locker rooms was totally confusing for us. But at least this time we knew to bring towels. This place had lap swimming, a diving platform, a spring board, a fast current area, and a slide! Obviously we have no photos from here. And aside from some confusing drama between a swim coach and the pool employees totally interrupting their swim lessons so our little family of 4 could take over the diving platform, it was a total blast! Still don’t know why the employee insisted we use the diving platform right then…

We had an hour of swim time which was wonderful to get some movement in then it was back to the hotel, a final lunch in the lounge, and off to train station.

4 carry ons and 4 backpacks and it still feels like too much stuff
R’s backpack is always miserably heavy with books, which is why I’m carrying it…

The first train we got there early enough to snag 4 seats together and we played Uno. Mostly it was Ty and I, the kids were desperate for their Kindle time.

That train was an hour, and it was running a bit late. So when we arrived in Munich we only had 20 minutes to buy some sandwiches for lunch, R and Ty zipped outside to buy some fresh strawberries, and then we were off to try and find seats for our next train. We had to walk to the very last compartment before we were able to find 4 seats together. There were people that were standing so we were lucky. That train was again an hour before we switched trains. We were a bit frantic on this switch because after that first train our connections were tight and we had just a few minutes to switch tracks. We hustled under and over to the next train and grabbed some seats. That train was about 30 minutes before we had to race to our last train. It was a flat out sprint. Each kid had their backpacks on, Ty and I wore our backpacks and carried a suitcase in each hand. We had to race up the stairs, over, and down to the next train platform, which was supposed to be leaving as soon as we arrived.

I’m so thankful we made it! R was even trying to help me with the suitcases on the stairs. The other issue was the train was SO full! Ty was able to get past the doors and to the steps going up to the seats but there were no seats and he couldn’t get any further into the train. I was stuck right at the entrance to the train, hoping the doors wouldn’t close on me. The crazy things was more people kept shoving on.

I get it no one wanted to miss their train but there was no room!

The kids were at least able to sit down on the steps while the train was moving. But as soon as it stopped they had to stand up and get out of the way for the people leaving the train. Ty had to stand for the whole hour. I actually ended up with a decent spot. I was able to sit on top of one of the suitcases, so I had a seat, and I could read my book while the train was going. It was miserably hot with all those bodies jammed together. I had a few blissful moments when the train stopped and the doors opened.

We were all extremely grateful to make it to Stuttgart and be done with the trains after that. We walked about 10 minutes to our hotel. The room is nice and large which is always wonderful. It’s about 8pm and the kids are exhausted so we bought them some yogurt and granola from the lobby for dinner. No one is really hungry, I had two soft pretzels, and Ty had a left over sandwich.

L is sleeping on the camping pad on the floor to give himself space from R. It takes a while for them to settle down, and during that time Ty heads back to the train station to get tickets for our return to Frankfurt in a few days. He found that if he waits and buys the tickets the day of travel then the price increases dramatically.

So not many photos today, not too much fun travel activities today. But some, and big picture this was a decent day. And oh yeah, almost forgot to mention R turned 11 today!!! She got some good birthday wishes from family and friends back home, but I’m so thankful we decided to celebrate her yesterday and not jam it into the madness of today.

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