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Adventure Day: Salzburg, Austria

We all slept in except for Ty. He loves his early morning runs, so it works out well for all of us. The hotel breakfast was pretty good. We were all excited for a day of good weather. After breakfast we walked through the Mirabell Palace garden on our way to the Mozart Residence.

Views from Ty’s run
L’s favorite climbing tree
The Dwarfs Garden
Always finding a place to pose.

After Mozart’s residence we made our way through town till we got to the Salzburg Museum. It was laid out oddly, there was no guide, but on the bottom floor was an exhibit about coffee and chocolate in Austria. They had a kids guide and at the end of it was a sample piece of chocolate. So the kids were engaged.

He was excited he already knew this game.
This was fascinating to learn about.
This explains the costumes above.
Just part of this amazing ceiling remained. I love that they saved it.
They did a great job keeping the kids engaged with all kinds of fun exhibits.
I’m in love with all their fabulous ceilings.

After the museum we were all getting tired and ready for lunch. On the way back we had to try the Mozart chocolate balls. They are marzipan around a pitstachio center and coated in chocolate. YUM! Then we made it back to our hotel, and enjoyed a yummy lounge selection of vegetable soup, chicken, soft cheeses, salad, and endless drinks and dessert.

This town is incredible everywhere you look.
Entire store of decorated and blown eggs!

After lunch and a quick break at the hotel, we went back out and caught a trolley to go see the abbey from the Sound of Music.

After lunch tireds.
The grounds around the main chapel were beautiful.
These two got along so well today. It was wonderful!
Inside the chapel was simple but stunning.
From the Abbey we walked to St. Peter’s Cathedral.
We didn’t actually go inside. The kids were too busy playing against each other in chess. It was fun how to a few bystanders got involved and helped the kids out with moves.
We visited the oldest bakery in Salzburg, but didn’t actually buy anything. Smelled lovely though.
We visited the cemetery and catacombs of St. Peter’s. What a beautiful sight.
Ho-hum, another beautiful small chapel.
Small miracles, they do actually get along!

From the cemetery we took the FestungsBahn (cable railway/funicular) up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. This wasn’t the best guided fortress we’ve been to on this trip. (Feels weird saying that) It was just kind of a place you wander through, felt like you could miss stuff, and we weren’t always sure what we were looking at. But it was a beautiful place and had amazing panoramic views of the city.

L wanted to take this of R and he was so proud of the filter he used.
The armory was neat, but small.
They had the marionette theater in the fortress.
These pipes were made from hollowed branches and porcelain bowls.
This must have been so heavy to wear.
Gift shop photos 🙂

By this time it was 5pm, our feet were tired. We walked over 8 miles today. It was time for some gelato. So we took the funicular down the hill, and wandered through the Getreidegasse (famous tourist shopping street) on our way back to the hotel. We of course found the gelato, because it’s everywhere over here. And so cheap! One euro for a single scoop is perfect.

We made it back to the hotel just as it was starting to sprinkle on us. As we got to our room the wind started blowing and the rain was really coming down. It couldn’t have timed things any more perfectly. We all enjoyed a bit of down time and Ty and I wandered down to the lounge to check out the dinner options. (I swear we will eat somewhere else tomorrow) It’s been different for every meal so it’s really hard to pass up free food that’s yummy and literally down the hall from our room. We got the kids fed, bathed, and are now hoping they go to sleep soon.

We agreed to celebrate R’s birthday tomorrow, a day early since she didn’t want to do any train travel on her birthday. So we have a list of activities for her to choose from and a few gifts set aside for her. I hope it goes smoothly tomorrow, sometimes birthdays can be such a roller coaster. Tomorrow is our last full day in Salzburg so we will pack it full of beautiful sights I’m sure.

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