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Adventure Day 4: Munich, Germany

The weather is beautiful again! Which is good timing since we have planned to go see the Dachau Concentration Camp. We had quite a few talks with our kids before this, and there are numerous areas where kids aren’t allowed, and it isn’t recommended for them to go through. But honestly Ty and I thought it wasn’t as intensive as they had built up. By no means am I saying it wasn’t extremely impactful, I believe they’re erring more on the side of caution with children, which is a good thing.

I have no personal bubble…
The entrance gate.
The remains of the barracks.
The processing center.
The patches prisoners were required to sew onto their clothes.
These memorials were beautiful.
A sculpture representing all the patches the prisoners wore.
The main square where role call was held.
These were the initial bunks that had dividers, and a shelf for belongings. Once they started overwhelming this camp with prisoners the bunks became just large open platforms.
It was amazing how lush and green things where. Felt hopeful that life was back where such horrors has occurred.
The second, larger crematorium that had to be built to keep up with demand. This area was most impactful to me. This was actually where horrors occurred.

After Dachau we took the bus and the train back to the city center. We decided to treat ourselves to lunch in a restaurant for the first time in a few days. Then we walked around the Viktualienmarket and had the kids order some more fresh strawberries for a snack. They’re incredible!

A gelato stop for our kiddos that had a very long, and very somber morning. Then we hit up the amazing toy store one more time for some top secret purchases and finally back to the hotel for some relaxation time.

The boys went down to check out the workout machines about 5:30. L loves them since you can play chess while walking on the treadmill. R wanted to go dirndl shopping so her and I walked down the street. We had a few hilarious attempts before she decided she would rather just have a shirt with a picture of a dirndl on it! But in the end she settled on a silk scarf with a heart charm.

We met back up with the boys and Ty directed us to the Nymphenburg Palace. Yep this town has another palace, and this one is crazy huge! We didn’t even go inside we just walked a small section of the grounds. But then by the time we did this it was almost 8pm, all the dinner places we tried were closed. Kids were melting down from hunger. Ugh – food is so critical every day.

We ended up back at the subway and ordered from the noodle place again. So yummy but we found they forgot half our orders when we got back to our hotel. Ty and I are having half a dried pretzel, a banana, some old sushi, and anything the kids leave us, for our dinners. Yay for traveling adventures!

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