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Adventure Day 1: Munich

We woke up to it pouring buckets of rain. So we weren’t in any hurry to go anywhere. Breakfast at the hotel was incredible. We’re all so excited to enjoy it for the next few days. Honestly it’s also a huge relief as the main meal preparer, to not have to do anything. To be able to walk down to the restaurant and have the food all ready is such a gift!

After breakfast we decided to check out the hotel gym and pool. L and I have been doing some hotel workouts on this trip, with R and Ty have been enjoying the pools. It’s a nice way to get some one on one time.

Will he ever grow out of this stage? I hope not!
Ty’s the fun pool dad.

After a while we went back to the room, got cleaned up and decided to head to the Munich Residenz . This was the government office and home to the king of Bavaria for over 400 years. It was incredible how much you could see and walk through. However, we decided to do this tour starting around noon and we didn’t eat lunch first. The residence tour took about 2 hours, and about halfway through we gave up on the audio guides and were zipping through it. It was beautiful, and I still feel like we appreciated it. It just would have been better with a full stomach. It reminded me very much of Versailles, but without the grounds outside.

The Residence is the larger building on the left.
A little detail for ya!
This is basically their family photo album!
This grotto was decorated all in shells!
Every section covered entirely in shells.
Dining hall with giant raised platform so everyone could watch the royalty eat.
Entrance to the royal quarters.
The furniture was all incredible too.
The woodwork on this ceiling was incredible!
It was nice there were few other visitors.
We were so tired, we kept sitting down whenever we could.
Look at these inlaid floors!
Gold walls, why not?!

After we got through the palace we raced through the porcelain and table settings sections. Again, incredible pieces, but we were at our limit on hunger and low energy.

This was the only photo Ty and I have from this entire area. Oops!

We wrapped up the residence and raced out to the streets to find something quick to eat. At a local little cafe we got some sandwiches. Along with a smoothie, that allowed us to go back and finish up with the treasury and the theater.

Her majesty
The kids loved making these!
He’s ‘holding it’ can’t you tell?
This was some sort of toiletries set. Amazing!

We wandered around outside for a bit before we found the theater. So we decided to take some fun photos of the grounds.

After this it was raining still, our feet were all so tired and we’d been walking for miles. So we decided to veto more sightseeing for now, and head to the toy store for one more look around.

This was such an impressive place.
Waiting for our subway train.

A quick turn around the toy store and we headed for the hotel. Everyone needed some downtime. The kids plugged in reading and playing games on their kindles. I got caught up on the blog while Ty napped.

I got everyone up and motivated at 7. That was apparently a mistake and way too late. Hunger pains were melting down the kids, it was near bedtime as well. So major grumpiness was being dished out. We opted for a quick noodle place in the subway. The food was delicious! We decided that we LOVE hole in the way places in subways. But real life, R veto’d eating her food since it wasn’t what she expected. It was all delicious but because it wasn’t exactly right she didn’t eat.

You win some, you lose some…

After dinner it was time to head back to the hotel and tuck everyone in. I walked 15,000 steps today. Which means L probably walked 20,000 since he always does more than me. It explains why we all had tired feet!

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