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Travel Day: Innsbruck to Salzburg, Austria

So today we did a bucket list thing. It was incredible! We paraglided!!!! I think ever since Neushwanstein castle where there were paragliders everywhere Ty started researching it. He contacted several companies outside of Innsbruck and only got 1 reply. Then we were waiting to see if the weather would improve.

We could finally see the mountains from our hotel!

Well we woke up today, to blue skies! After a very ho-hum breakfast. The poor staff couldn’t keep up with the demand of all the guests, we hopped a bus an hour out of town. The drive was beautiful all the way to the ski town of Neustif Im Stubaital. Our guide met us at the bottom of the tram and we rode up together.

Time for some Flugschulen!

I was so impressed with my kiddos, even R was totally jazzed about this. We talked with our guides a bit, and then they sent the kids off first.

Trying to play it cool but having an awesome time!
So impressed by her today!

Ty had a good, but quiet guide, and opted to take his own photos. I had undoubtably the best guide. He kept me up an extra 15-20 minutes after everyone else landed. It was INCREDIBLE!! He preferred technical and trick flying so at the end I told him to do whatever, and he had us doing spirals and flips before we landed. I have no words to describe just what an awesome bucket list item this was for me!

So freaking magical!

It was one of those lifetime moment’s Ty and I will be talking about for years to come. Afterwards we walked down the street and caught the bus back towards Innsbruck. A few stops down the road we were hoping to surprise the kids with a ride on an Alpine Slide. But right as we arrived there, it started sprinkling and they had the ride closed. So we had our lunch on the bus stop bench, while waiting 30 minutes for the next bus back to Innsbruck.

We arrived back in Innsbruck and walked to our hotel to get our suitcases. We had about an hour until our train was leaving for Salzburg. The train was a bit stressful since the ticket agent told us we had seats but they weren’t together, and the train was really full. We couldn’t find our correct train car, the seats were all over the place. Ugh! But after the first stop a ton of people got off and it didn’t even matter. An hour and 45 minutes later, lots of shows for the kids, and some nice quiet time for Ty and I, we arrive in Salzburg!

In the end we chose to stay spread out.

A ten minute walk to the hotel and it felt wonderful to arrive. They gave the kids special gummy bear treats. We’re on a special floor that only had 6 other rooms! We have access to a lounge which constantly has drinks and food for free. This is exactly what we needed! So we checked out our room and headed straight to the lounge for dinner basically at 5pm.

Our room has it’s own name!
Sitting area, separate beds, and our own balcony!
Free drinks and food… yes please!

After a recharge in the lounge, we headed out to walk the streets of Salzburg for a bit. It’s beautiful, and the kids are getting along. It felt like we were back in our travel groove.

You can only walk here if you’re a man with a fancy hat and a sassy girl.
Always climbing.
I was so excited about how freaking beautiful this place is.
These are all roses!
Proof they can get along!
Amazing jam store
Followed closely by this incredible cheese store!
Mozart’s house he was born at.

Just beautiful buildings and nature everywhere we went in the city. But we had to get the kids a reasonable bedtime so back to the hotel about 7pm. Tried to offer them more substantial food at the lounge but all anyone wanted was more desert and juice. So back to the room we went. It’s 8:30 now and they’re just about out. Ty’s planning our route for tomorrow, which will include lots of Sound of Music sights.

I’m looking forward to another improved breakfast and we’re already wondering if we need to stretch out our time here in Salzburg. Feels good to be back in positive momentum.

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