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Adventure Day: Innsbruck, Austria

Well today was a roller coaster, not the fun kind but the emotional kind. But it ended on a high note so that’s what matters.

Breakfast at the hotel was a bit of a crazy house. Our hotel is overrun with Viking cruise retiree’s and oddly numerous professional sports teams. So the breakfast area was really busy, and the food was decent, but nothing over the top.

We left the hotel and ventured into the rain to the train/bus/trolley station hopping to figure out tickets for tomorrow and get something to take us to the Olympic ski jump today.

Well poor Ty, since he’s the navigator, no one was really helpful, they kept directing him to other people or to the ticket machines, or the offices we needed were closed because it was Sunday. It was raining out, the kids didn’t want to walk all over town in the rain, Ty was getting frustrated. It wasn’t great. The kids and I sat down and listened to Harry Potter while Ty was trying to decipher everything. L then stepped in a puddle, and his shoe was all wet. We were getting cold from the rain. So Ty got it all straightened out and we walked back to the hotel to get more layers on, dry L’s shoe, and then catch the trolley that was right outside our hotel. It dropped us off at the base of the ski jump and we walked our way up to it.

Right as we got there a guy was jumping. Ty and I saw him but the kids didn’t. Then we spent the next 15 minutes trying to decide if it was worth $30 to go inside and ride a silly elevator up to the top for a view on a rainy and cloudy day. Then we waited longer to see the guy jump again before we asked and found out it would be another 40 minutes. Ugh – so we walked back down in the rain, all of us frustrated by that whole situation!

Ty quickly realized if we hurried we’d be able to catch the shuttle to Swarovski Kristallwelten. Which is basically a huge art installation and museum of amazing Swarovski pieces. We ran down the hill and onto the bus. But this meant we didn’t have lunch. We were planning on eating at the restaurant at Swarovski, of course though that didn’t work out as we planned. We really did try to eat regularly today, I swear!

We got there about 1:00 and the restaurant was closed for a break, until 2. WHY?! So we started by walking around the grounds, in the rain. The kids ate the chocolate muffins they got from breakfast and Ty and I shared a 2 day old very dry pretzel. Mmm- But on a positive note, the grounds with the art installations were very cool!

That’s L in the center of the ‘crystal clouds’

Then we came across their 5 story play tower. It was AWESOME and just the break from the weather, and bad moods that had been plaguing us all day. The only draw back was the other kids there. They were SO loud, it began to grate on Ty and I.

Each floor was totally different
Had to try it!

After the inside play tower we had to check out the outside playground, carousel, and labyrinth.

Ty and I will admit we had fun too.
Always classing up the joint.
Finding each other at the center of the labyrinth.
The entrance to the main museum is a giant face, and you enter on either side. The landscaping is crazy impressive!

They had different themed rooms. This one was all about frozen crystals. They offered shoe covers for people who needed them. Well our kids had run ahead and I saw L in the room from above. I thought he was wearing a beret. Turns out, he and R put the shoe covers on their heads as hats! Neither had bothered to read the signs. Ty and I were laughing so hard. Unfortunately this was the only picture I got of them. I should have taken a photo before I told them what the were.

They wouldn’t put them on again, after I told them what they were.
Every room they set up was incredible.
Costumes from movies or singers.
Unfortunately we had to race through the last few rooms, because we realized that we either had 5 minutes to finish up the exhibits and make our bus or we were there for another 2 hours. So we started hustling.

So again due to bus schedules we didn’t get any more food. But we got back to Innsbruck by almost 4pm. Hit up a playground right at the bus stop, and the sun came out. It felt like a sign that the day was going to continue improving for us. We already arranged to leave Innsbruck a day early. We had seen all we could with this weather, so we’re moving our travel day up to get ourselves to Salzburg tomorrow. But it felt good to wrap up Innsbruck on a high note. We had hoped to do more in the mountains and outside but the weather just isn’t with us.

The sun felt so good!

We walked back to the main square, did some shopping, and found ourselves some gelato. By this time it was 4:30 and too late for lunch, but too early for dinner. So really, what choice did we have? The kids had a photo shoot on a neat sculpture and then we walked home to rest a bit before dinner.

Solo shots 😉
Every once in a while the grown ups get a photo.

After the kids rested a while, and Ty and I planned our next few days, we dragged everyone out for dinner at the pasta place just around the corner. Again! It was so dang good for dinner last night, none of us could help wanting to go back again. The kids and I ordered the exact same thing, I had pasta with Gorgonzola sauce, while they had cheese pizza. Ty was the only brave soul to get something new. He had gnocchi with carbonara sauce. All of it was so dang good!

They made the kid pizzas into bunnies!

After dinner it was a quick walk to the hotel. The kids played chess in the lobby with Ty while I enjoyed some solo time, and a quiet shower. Heavenly. Then began shower time for kids, and bedtime rituals. This room has just 2 full beds, and our kids now hate to share. So we brought our camping sleeping pad for these situations. L is sleeping on that. It helps keep the peace and makes for an easier bedtime.

Fingers crossed, prayers said, all the good vibes, that we can keep this good weather, and positive attitudes going forward on our trip. Onto a new town tomorrow!

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