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Travel Day: Munich Germany to Innsbruck, Austria

We finally all had a great nights sleep. We enjoyed our final breakfast in this amazing hotel and we packed up for the 9:30 train to Garmish. We had grand plans to go hiking, ride trams, perhaps reach the tallest peak in Germany. However the weather had different plans for us.

Beautiful countryside and my kids couldn’t care less.

We even got off the train, with grand hopes to go hiking, that was of course the rain started pouring down.

So we waited ten minutes and got on the train going back to town.

This kid always wants to be out, having an adventure no matter the weather.

We got back to train station and Ty figured out that we had 4 minutes until the train to Innsbruck, Austria was leaving and the next one wasn’t for 2 hours. So we hustled to grab our suitcases from a locker, and raced around to find the train platform. We were so happy to have made it! Another hour and a half of beautiful views and electronic time for the kids.

We came across the bachelor party in the train station. It was cracking the kids up.

Innsbruck is a beautiful town, but we had a huge emotional meltdown, almost immediately after we got off the train. Not sure if it’s the stress of travel, or really what brought it on. But it was a doozy, and part of our reality of traveling with our kiddos.
The room wasn’t ready unfortunately but they have a chess board in the lobby, so L has been super into trying to play with Ty. The kids both played a game and then we went to go find some lunch. A few schnitzel sandwiches and we visited the Gold Roof museum.

A few details for everyone!

After the museum we made our way back to the hotel and enjoyed the sights.

I like their motto!
The view from our room.

We rested in the room a bit and then made our way to an Italian place around the corner. It was so good! Also our children don’t have the best table manners…

Now it’s back in the room, and trying to get everyone to sleep. The beds are 2 fulls, and no one feels like sharing. Not our best day, but not our worst. Ready for a fresh start in the morning.

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